Topix Adventures 1

Here’s a place on the web that I like to play – and today’s blog is a sample of the discussions. I have changed the posters names, not to protect, but because I can.


I am not an atheist and although I don’t attend church I do believe in God, Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Society seems to have polarized into 2 groups – the militant fundamentalists and the militant atheists. I believe in miracles and soon there will be some great cures for diseases – as referenced in the bible.

Random Ntrygg:

Basically you’re saying that you aren’t capable of thinking and reasoning driving action – but that you prefer magical and lazy thinking and inaction; while hoping things will get better does nothing to make them better.

So the few good ideas that your religion lifted – like helping yourself – is lost on you; and instead, you cling to the poor decision processes of your lackluster faith, that you can’t be bothered to put in the effort of attended the maintenance meetings.

You are actually a fence sitter – not willing to commit to being your own person (atheist), but unwilling to commit to the basic requirements of your professed beliefs (church attendance & community participation) with only the least possible action (prayer, wishful thinking) of said belief system

I can only hope that you can’t be bothered to participate in secular society and vote every four or so years either.

Second Poster:

But why does it matter?

Random Ntrygg:

It matters only if honesty is important to you;  in the same way that the only decision about being gay is being openly gay.

You are still gay whether you are openly gay, privately gay or closet gay – still gay.

So, you are either openly self-responsible (atheist), privately responsible (agnostic or lapsed theist) or closet responsible (theist/gnostic)

2 thoughts on “Topix Adventures 1

  1. I find that it’s that disconnect that’s what’s interesting to me.

    I am discovering that my egalitarian sense of the world is a false assumption.

    Equal under the law, doesn’t mean that we’re all equal.

    The evidence around us also points to we’re not all equal – or even equivalent.

    But, that is not to say that because this one has more wealth and this one has more intelligence and that one more athletic ability menas that our value is determined by what we’re better at than others

    but rather, the balancing of our strengths and weaknesses form the whole assessment and valuation of us – and when we are balanced in ourselves – it’s our balanced self that is balanced equally against other people’s balanced selves.

    So, what makes me curious about these godbots who are so lesser in their critical thinking and reality comprehension – is what is it that they have better than me that I am trying to find the balance with them?

    their certainty of purpose? now when it comes from a place of greed/self interest (that gain reward, avoid punishment, response stimulus)

    their sense of community? not when community demands conformity and the cost is individuality.

    their collective power and influence? Maybe, power is attractive, but it’s so much work to obtain and maintain – plus it corrupts you – so power isn’t all that attractive in and of itself.

    Power is appealing, but I don’t pretend to think that I have the ability to control and manage it better than everyone else who is hooked on power and failed.

    Much like many drugs – no sense bothering to try them when the drug ends up controlling you – being a functional addict is little better than simply an addict.

    Maybe it’s the control freak tendancy that we have in common – but where I seek only to control myself – godbots seek control of others.

    This characteristic offends me – which is probably why I am drawn to advocacy roles – standing against authority.

    Which makes sense why I am an Elvis fan – he unintentionally stood against authority when he only wanted to stand within and have approval from authority.

    I think that I want authority to be charmed, impressed or even changed by my stand against it.

    Without the realization that authority is threatened and not charmed by what stands against it.

    Must be that Canadian thing – in any other country, a group like the Bloc Quebequoi which is about separating Quebec from Canada – the members would be rounded up and charged with treason or marginalized in some other way

    but, in Canada, they became a legitimate federal party.

    we will do anything to avoid civil war or strife – and I guess that is what’s under the egalitarianism that is Canada.

    all peoples deemed more or less equal

  2. I considered adding to this discussion, Random, but the ignorance level of the writer totally overwhelms me. I just don’t know where to start, and I think your classification system is far too sophisticated for somebody like this. You need to say something like: You believe in God, Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Also in miracles. Why?
    Why do you believe that, of all the many religions in this world, yours got it right? Why do you believe that the laws of physics are sometimes suspended by divine intervention? Why do you believe there is such a thing as “a holy spirit”? Or God? Or Jesus? Why?
    Oh dang. I said I wouldn’t comment and there I go.

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