Spring Buds 2011

Haven’t had a photo blog in a while – partly the rainy winter was too dreary and partly because…well….life sort of had been too.

But, spring is here! spring is here! life is skittles and life is beer!

5 thoughts on “Spring Buds 2011

  1. Further thought. The spirit of Tom Lehrer songs is a bit like teen putdown humour aimed at friends. Sure it can be funny. But it’s hurtful, and the subconscious has no understanding of irony or sarcasm. It’s a lower form of humour, picking off easy targets. Safe targets. Low hanging fruit. It’s a bit like dissing people who forward LOLCats, or bloggers who post pictures of their spring flowers. 🙂
    Do you need a hug now?

    • Thank you for that comment – I have always loved sarcasm and never understood why people said it was a low form of humour.

      Your comment makes sense, it’s low humour because it’s the divide between the lowest target group and the rest of us.

      Humour is the great divide between people – and the higher divide is when folks, for example the godbot squad say things in earnest that negate their own position, but can’t see the irony of their own statements – but we do.

  2. Yep. Least favourite. As a teenager I thought Tom was hilarious. I can still sing all his older songs, except for the “Periodic Table”. Then the underlying cynicism and ugliness started to wear on me. I’m not a fan of saccharine or rot your teeth bathos, but macabre doesn’t do it for me either. “I Hold Your Hand in Mine”, “When You Are Old And Grey” (maybe realism, but it’s not the only way to go), “My Home Town” (ditto) and all the rest are funny if you have just sickened yourself on sentimental slop. Lehrer is a flaming genius, and I admire his talent. But I’m sorry sometimes that I have all those songs in my head.

  3. really? Your least favorite?

    In high school acting, we had to air guitar – but I played Poisoning Pidgeons in the Park dressed as an old lady and acted as if those words where in my head.

    it went over big.

    funny when you consider how simple the music was – just Tom on piano.

    when everyone found out that I had recorded the album from the school’s ethics teacher onto cassette – it blew everyone’s minds again.

    imagine that recording an obscure LP onto cassette from one user to another was a total shocker in 1986; given P2P, torrenting, and large file sharing sites…..

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