Canada in a UK/US sandwich

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Living in the UK and watching US tv, we’ve been brainwashed to believe that Canadian’s basically suck. But everytime I read about Canada or meet someone from there, I’m led to believe is the US that actually sucks and that they are jealous of Canada’s progressive politics. I suppose its a bit like how being part of religion can make you live in a bubble thinking that you are better than everyone else.

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Growing up in Canada and watching UK TV, US TV and the little bit of Canadian TV that sneaks onto the airways;  my Canadian perspective is that the Brits are more sophisticated because they are mature about Benny Hill, cross dressing and full frontal nudity on tv, at all very rigid class levels all steeped in a far older civilization with sophisticated history of literature and science

The Americans are largely the silicon Blonde pageant queen and beer gut slobby construction worker battling with Rosie the Riveter and the can do pioneer spirit and Canadians are dithering because of our inferiority complex to both – allowing us to be the children of Britain and the younger, failure to launch sibling to the US.

We have had great advances in technology that the world assumes was done in the US, and we actual ruin our industries to avoid annoying the Americans.

We actually had a treaty agreement to not develop a film industry as long as the Americans occasiionally filmed prioductions here.

We gave any our economic soveriegnty to be a service provider to the US industries.

Americans now take that as what’s owed to them by other countries.

Historically, the US Democrats are more right wing than Canadian Conservatives. We are in an interesting era when the US Democratic President is more left wing than our conservative Prime Minister.

Well, maybe not for long – the Canadian system of confidence votes is certainly unique.

But, as Canadians, I think that we actually care more about individuals than in the US – where it’s more a individuals in terms of a look out for number one, because no one is looking out for you attitude.

Whereas, in Canada, we care about individuals and so have a social saftey network to give people a basic platform to support them – universal health care, welfare and other social programs.

I think that it’s very telling that the US frontier heros were the outlaw gunslingers and in Canada, it was the Northwest Mounted Police, later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

It’s telling that the US had a violent separation from the UK and then a violent settling of scores internally.

Canada is still not a separate country from the UK, and made that relationship symbolic in the 1980’s with our Charter – no revolution.

Canada’s internal battle is still being fought between our Anglo and Franco heritages, but instead of a civil war, that battle is fought within diplomatic channels as a federal political party.

Canada’s path is one of diplomacy and civility, which takes longer, requires more compromise and while has an ultimate all round better conclusion, is slower and less satisfying than a civil war with a clear winner and loser.

Which is why the US continues to be divided north and south – and the mischaracterization of the civil ware being about freeing the slaves is appalling.

The north freed the slaves to attack the south economically – the slaves were freed to take away the pool of labour the South had and in hopes of having the slave rise up to create a second front for the South who was already fighting the north.

This is not to say that all in Canada is okay – we have a terrible history of treatment of the aboriginal people that continues today, and we are at the starting point of the problems of multiculturalism and migrant waves who are resisting becoming part of the mosaic that is Canada.

It’ the US with the idea of a melting pot – but that means that the culture is the lowest common denominator and Canada’s mosaic analogy is more like having a quilt made of many types of patterned squares.

We drunkenly lurch between the UK and US paths, trying to find our own identity.

7 thoughts on “Canada in a UK/US sandwich

      • I just hope you are applying that pejorative to Harper, and not to me. I mean, I thought the video was FUNNY. 🙂
        By the way, isn’t “douchebag” an interesting slur? It is a useful hygene device after all. One thing that impressed me about Canada was the near total lack of bidets. For a people with a general cleanliness fetish, doesn’t this seem strange?

  1. Your government just fell to a nonconfidence vote? Well hallafuckinglelujah. The world can do with one less Stephen Harper at the helm of a country like Canada. Congratulatsions, Canada. Way to go.

  2. [QUOTE who=”redneck “]A better idea is to kill the rich.[/QUOTE]

    that’s the easy part

    the hard part will be re-distributing their stuff

    It occured to me this weekend that the real difference between the US and Canada is about how we value the individual.

    in the US it seems to have gone from Us vs Them (America vs UK)

    to the individual against all others

    to now with the individual at the expense of all others (so, on your own for health care and getting boots to be able to pull yourself up by the bootstraps)

    whereas, in Canada, we care enough to pool the wealth to the degree that we try to provide a level playing field for people to substinance exist or access the ability to improve one’s status in conjuction with others

  3. Yup, we’re too busy wringing our hands about what our identity is to see what it is.

    Canada does have a good international reputation and we are squandering it, currently by being too much in the US shadow.

    But, our government of the day just fell on a confidence vote – so hopefully, we will have punished the liberals enough to put them back in a minority government role – large enough to be stable with the NDP support to fend off the Bloc and the conservatives.

    then, when the liberals have shown that they have learned that they are not entitled to do what they want, as they did under Jean C.; then we can reward them with back to back majorities again.

    I’d like to see the liberal and NDP parties merge – it would give them a solid anglo majority – and allow the conservatives to the be opposition party.

  4. Ah you Canucks with your inferiority complex. Actually, few people dis the Canadians. Highly respected all over the world. I well remember the days when American kids would sew a Canadian flag on their backpacks so they’d get a better reception in other countries. Probably still happens. During WWII the Canadians had a reputation as quiet killers, not passive wimps. And didn’t I just see your hockey team take the Olympic gold from America? In OVERTIME yet!!! You are the second largest country in the world, with two thirds of the worlds fresh water and resources up the yin yang. Canada is incredibly wealthy. Canadians don’t even know it. And to top it off, your cold winters create the worlds top comedians, everybody from Eugene Levy to the late John Candie to Mike Myers. So laugh it up, Canadians, and wave that flag. You have an identity. You just don’t know it yet.

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