The problem with Common Sense

The problem with common sense is that it’s the lowest common denominator.

Frankly, I don’t care to live life on that basis, I prefer to live by better standards.I would hope that most people would.

This is the real problem on relying on a world view that is dependent on criteria that are outside of this world – which is to say, religion.

If the highest value you uphold is the most common one, then it’s nothing of value to uphold because the majority of people take the path of least resistance, and deciding that you know, without the effort of learning, is essentially making it up

It’s lazy thinking and it’s spread by fear and threat – the two easiest ways to get your point across. And that only works until some scarier and more threatening comes along and forces a new religion on everyone.

So, if you live by religion, do you really want to say that whatever is easiest is the best course of action?