The problem with Common Sense

The problem with common sense is that it’s the lowest common denominator.

Frankly, I don’t care to live life on that basis, I prefer to live by better standards.I would hope that most people would.

This is the real problem on relying on a world view that is dependent on criteria that are outside of this world – which is to say, religion.

If the highest value you uphold is the most common one, then it’s nothing of value to uphold because the majority of people take the path of least resistance, and deciding that you know, without the effort of learning, is essentially making it up

It’s lazy thinking and it’s spread by fear and threat – the two easiest ways to get your point across. And that only works until some scarier and more threatening comes along and forces a new religion on everyone.

So, if you live by religion, do you really want to say that whatever is easiest is the best course of action?

4 thoughts on “The problem with Common Sense

  1. Yes, I see your point. Some people think that the truth is a decided by what most people believe. In that sense, common sense in nonsense. I was thinking more about the idea that common sense is very uncommon, especially among the religious. Test the average religious person with a few common sense questions – do you think the snake talked, that Christ rose from the dead, that the cracker turns into the flesh of Jesus on its way to your stomach, that there is a super intelligence who cares how you have sex, he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been good or bad? Ask those questions, and if the answer sounds like common sense you are probably talking to an atheist. šŸ™‚

    • I had a situation in high school where I was sent off the playing field to go talk to the principal about my attitude.

      I explained to the principal that the last fours years, that when it rained, th girls didn’t play outside, as there were insufficient outlets for hairdryers.

      So, thinking he had me, he said “But, it’s not really common sense to play soccor while holding an unbrella.”

      To which, I replied “It’s not common sense to play outside in the rain, actually, I beleive the phrase actually is ‘don’t you have enough common sense to come in from the rain’.”

      The smile slipped off his face and I was sent to sit inside until it was time to change for class.

      The only dry and not chilled girl.

  2. I can’t see calling religious thinking “common sense”. I mean do talking snakes, an elephant headed god, belief in transubstantiation, or virgin births sound like commons sense to you? I like common sense. Common sense says that there’s a relationship between cause and effect, that evidence matters, that idiotic speculation when we don’t have the answers should not be mistaken for thinking. But thanks for a thought provoking post.

    • oddly enough, the religion is common sense

      was put to me on the topix board, the godbot reasoning that since the majority beleive in some god, it must be common sense to at least believe

      and naturally, he failed to understand that what tends to separate the few from the many

      is education, taste, actual sense and so forth

      it’s really a variation on the If I beleive and when I die, there is a god, I’ll get the reward and no one was hurt

      because they lack the ability to understand that there is harm caused by believing – at the very least, to the believer for living in false comfort and hope, for not developing their minds and asking the questions

      down to being the motivation for voting for hate driven politicians

      we don’t want to beleive that we cause harm

      but we do.

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