Freedom of speech and religion

How to stop tolerating cults and remain within the freedom of speech provisions of secular law is easy:  public health and safety trumps freedom of speech, movement and association.

It’s why there’s prisons to remove dangerous people from society,  it’s why you can’t scream fire in crowded spaces, and it’s why children are removed from bad parents.

Safety trumps speech.

Not tolerating cults is a public health and safety issue – both in terms of mental and physical safety. The trick is that most people think of Jim Jones or Heaven’s Gate when they think cults – when really, a cult is any group that provides a framework to understand the world that is outside of reality.

We understand cults as the small amateur, new group on the block and religion when the cult has longevity and many members, basically, religions are cults that have gone professional.

Every religion, no matter how big or small or short or long the history, is a cult.

Every one promotes a separation of it’s members from the mainstream, a non-reality based framework to view the world and to impose upon the world, defines gender roles and morality – well, nothing that’s actually moral, just a simplistic framework that is largely about blindly worshiping authority and subjecting oneself to corporal punishment more often than not. Plenty of self denial for the rank and file, while the rules, especially about sex, does not apply to the elite.

This is why mainstream religions seek to control public school education.

Public schools already promote understanding the world in a non-religious framework that’s why religious groups are demanding equal time but that would mean cutting all the classes in half which wouldn’t be acceptable because it’s too obvious but also too much work.  Instead, selecting for the biggest wedge – the biology subset of science – after all, they don’t insist gravity is just a theory because they don’t want to say it’s their god who sucks.

Religion seeks to wedge in to gain some sciency credentials and cause doubt, which is easy since most people are lazy thinkers and it’s easier when you park your brain and let other people think for you.

Public health and safety is threatened by religion – religions who are against blood transfusions, who take up snake handling, who undermine science education so that porn stars turned actresses can blame vaccines for their kid’s problems instead of on their genetics.

Religion, who claims the dead can rise and leave impressions on rags, centuries after the alleged death.

happy zombie weekend.

We’re BBQing ribs and watching season one of the Walking Dead to celebrate.

Because that TV show, based on a comic book, teaches very good values of what it means to be a Mensch. More than any other book with stories about this holiday weekend.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of speech and religion

  1. well, it seems that celebrating a zombie is what most people do, so why not go with the flow and take it a step farther and celebrate all things zombie.

    this holiday is a lot creepier and scarier than Halloween could hope to be

  2. I was raised a Christian (not surprisingly, given my father is an ordained minister), but I drifted away as a teenager. If you had asked me if I were still a Christian, I would have said yes without thinking about it.

    After I got married, I had a lot of family pressure on both sides to begin attending church again. Not yet free from the powerful grip of religion and not sure what my views were or how to articulate them in my own mind (no wonder, having been discouraged to think critically), I capitulated.

    Every Sunday morning for the next year or two I had one thought in my mind: This is a cult. Especially when everyone was reading from the psalter book, chanting like Thulsa Doom’s followers in Conan the Barbarian.

    I actually still get the pressure, but now I just call out people’s bullshit.

    Brilliant call to have a zombie fest. I’ve got stacks of zombie movies on DVD, so I might follow your lead.

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