Today we celebrate High Holy Zombie Day with a marathon of season one of The Walking Dead.

As well as zombie themed foods:

Cocktail wieners aka toes in a variety of red sauces

Liver pate with toasted pita corners

Ham aka Long Pork

and potato & egg salad to remind us of the season of rebirth.

Plus whatever goodies the guests will have imagined – I understand that there is a grave cake in the plan.

No other holiday reminds us of dead and rebirth like spring holidays and christianity has done much to promote zombie culture by centring their entire faith around a cosmic zombie.

In any case, the season of the earth’s rebirth does remind one that without death, there is no rebirth. There is no life without death.

To live, one must eat, which means something else has to die. Nature is red in tooth and claw, and no matter what Captain Kirk said, we cannot chose to not kill…toDAY.

But, unlike zombies, we don’t have to mindlessly consume, we can chose what we kill and eat today.

Zombies and vampires hold much fascination for for because we are obsessed with death – zombies represent our fear of decay and corruption and vampires used to represent cold and impersonal predation, but since the 1970’s , vampires became sexual predators, which, for unclear reasons, was sexier and funnier than plain murdering predators.

In any event, vampires used to represent predatory killers who transitioned into predatory lovers into a “just happen to be dead” regular lover – the attractive scoundrels who can’t hold a day job – in modern supernatural romance to the castrated angsty teens of the Twilight series.

Sleep all day and party all night was the cry of the Lost Boys in the 1980s, but the Twilight gang and others directed at the teen market is plain mopey and whiney – clearly a result of the “Just say no” anti-drug and anti-sex campaigns, because, seriously, bite her already.

Zombies remained our fears of decay, of loss of choice, loss of intellect, demented, base survival drives while vampires became increasingly sexy and exotic, a promise of a better afterlife – eternal life in the here and now, with familiar surroundings.

Probably, the longer we are able to increase our own lifespans, so did vampires become attractive, and with most of us primed with liquid meal replacements, the idea of a life on an all liquid diet, seems less difficult to imagine.

Zombies are undergoing a huge cultural re-imaging. No longer the shuffling, body parts dropping off while murmuring “brains!”.

With movies like Fido and Shaun of the Dead – we have seen a new role for zombies – tamed servants with control collars, our base drives controlled for our entertainment and convenience.

So this holiday weekend allows us to use the dead for all our psychologically comforting needs – be it savior, servant or lover – there’s a dead body out there to provide meaning for you.