Spring is nature’s natural high – everything explodes with colour, with sex, with creativity – spring is heady and the time for not only frothy good times, but also to shake off the winter hermiting of introspection, reading and catching up on movies, anything to stay indoors and away from other people.

Spring is the time to break out the lawn mower, to pull weeds and catch up with the neighbours – and mostly, to enjoy the lurid, vulgar and garishness of all that spring has to offer:

4 thoughts on “Bloomtasitic

  1. I hiked a local trail yesterday that I’d never noticed before. Saw all kinds of dogs, bugs, birds, spiders, fish, and, the highlight, three big turtles sunning themselves on a log. Lots of interesting repersentatives from the plant kingdom as well, though I can’t tell you what most of it was called.

    More time outside is what I need.

  2. Thank you, When I was a teenager, helping Mom in the garden was just the worst thing – but now, I just feel restored and reconnected working in the dirt.

    I also learned that when you play music, it’s not work at all – you just keep moving and doing and doing and moving – and suddenly it’s done and several hours later.

    There’s also something really interesting about ABBA – the music is so upbeat, but the lyrics are quite fatalistically bleak – something about that combo that seems to work.

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