Canada Election

Canada stays kinky – Harper wins a majority, the Bloc is sent packing in favour of the NDP, the Liberals are more thoroughly spanked than ever before and the Greens finally score a seat in BC.

Time to apply for a passport to a Scandinavian country.

2 thoughts on “Canada Election

  1. What a disappointment. I grieve for your country. You have a real motherfucker as a leader, and his attempts to turn Canada into America North are not going unnoticed by the world. Sad that attack ads and bullshit seem to work. Sad that Canadians seem to be just about as dumb, en mass, as the fools south of your border. Better luck next time.

    • It was quite a shock to me, I hadn’t realized that there was a teabagger element that responded to Harper’s fear tactics – but I guess when people are afraid, even when it’s baseless, they flock to stern Daddy to protect them – without ever realizing that it’s stern Daddy who’s put them in harm’s way. But with the Greens having a seat and the NDP surge, there’s hope for the next election – and we always have recall campaigns when people find out what Harper is really planning to do now that he has the majority he’s been wet dreaming about.

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