10. Why did God create evil? (via 500 Questions about God & Christianity)

in Christianity, knowing the difference between good and evil was the knowledge that god didn’t want Adam and Eve to know and understand

thus, we can conclude that god is evil – first for keeping them unaware, then for tempting them by making the one tree’s fruit taboo – essentially guaranteeing that the fruit would be eaten since it’s human nature to want what we can’t have, a nature their god would have designed –

plus, putting the snake in the garden to draw attention to the forbidden, the end result was easily predictable, especially by an omnipotent god.

so their god is in fact, evil, and ostensibly didn’t want Adam and Eve to recognize that fact and reject him – and rightfully so – in favour of other gods.

10.  Why did God create evil? Ah yes, the infamous “Problem of Evil”.  To put it simply: Why would an all-good God do bad things?  The answer?  He wouldn’t. Problem solved? Not really.  If we want an omni-benevolent God, we must somehow find a way to exonerate Him from His own creation. Having a few thousand years to ponder this problem, mankind has come up with a few explanations; the most popular one being: “Evil is necessary for free will”.  Here are a few reasons why I th … Read More

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