Unstoppable and unmoveable

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?

There are two possibilities – the force hits the object and bounces back – and depending on the shape of the object, the force will either continue to smash into the object until it is reduced to rubble and the force can continue unimpeded or until the face of the object is altered so as to deflect the force’s movement to impact other spots until the force is re-directed around the object.

Either way, the object is what suffers from the encounter, either by being reduced to rubble or having it’s shape altered so that the force is deflected around it.

The force’s path may change, but the unstoppable characteristic is unchanged.

3 thoughts on “Unstoppable and unmoveable

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  2. Ah, Random. Your understanding of physical reality is sometimes… a bit poetic. Aside from the fact that there is no unstoppable force, nor unmovable object, in a collision between the two, both must “suffer” equally. Why wouldn’t they? Actually the whole concept of unstoppable and unmovable is a classic paradox to illustrate the fact that there can be no omnipotent god. Such a being could create the force and object, clearly an impossibility.
    All part of the silly how many angels can dance on a pin stuff that has occupied human thought for centuries. I think we should move on. 🙂

    • Well it occurs to my less poetic brain that an unstoppable force would have to exist in frictionless space – so an unstoppable force would be an unimpeded one – so it’s unstoppable because nothing is opposing it.

      Like light waves, radiation or the outward momentum of the big bang – I think part of the problem is that the world “force” carries the emotional baggage of might and power.

      So, thinking about bowling alleys – many people get strikes by impressively slamming the ball so hard that the pins fly out of formation with very satisfying crashing sounds – but brute force isn’t needed – as was illustrated to me one Sunday by a tiny three year old slight wisp of a girl who very studiously rolls her 7 pound ball and gave it such a gentle push off that I was able to bowl two balls before her ball reached the head pin and tapped it ever so slightly at the precise sweet spot, so as to make all the pins fall as easily as lined up dominoes.

      The girl, have already returned to her seat for a sip of juice seemed more happy to not have to get up to roll another one.

      An unmoveable object can’t exist in space, since it would be in a frictionless place which would leave it vulnerable to any force acting on it – unless it was anchored in place by a gravitational field stronger than the force.

      so, in a sense, when an unstoppable force, meets an unmovable (by said force) object – nothing happens other than sunrise and sunset.

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