Peacocks and Peahens


Honestly, I don’t know why people bother with opposite gender partners – you can’t know what to do and how it feels to be very good at it…

Imagine that there’d be no need for abortions if everyone same gender pair bonded and only traded gender when they wanted to have a child….

I have often thought that the real objection to gay newspapers is the personals section,  straight men are mad that they have to play at the movies, walks in the rain and beach friends first romance later game to get women to answer ads for sex and get few if any responses;  but gay men can just list physical attributes and positions and get dozens if not hundreds of responses.

Gay men are what straight men would be if they didn’t have to negotiate with women for sex.  Interestingly, gay men are more peacocks when competing for other men than straight men are competing for women.

Funnily enough, I am a little reluctant to realize that it means lesbians have more in common with Beer Belly Billy straight guy than with gay men.

Women, without having to negotiate between men for sex, respond to the lesser pressure of being peacocks, turn into peahens, we can relax and be slobbier.

Dressing up is about attracting a male mate, while females consider other factors in partnering up.

So straight women and gay men are the peacocks – who can attract both the high maintenance mate and the hunter’s gaze –  while us straight men and lesbians are the peahens, dowdy and comfortable with ourselves, just as we are, able to blend into the background.

Well, except that straight men melted into the halls of power and mainstream….