If anyone who wants to prove the courage of their conviction that the rapture will occur on May 21, 2011 no specific time zone, email me at nktryg2 @ shaw.ca   and I will happily accept transfer of your vehicle, house or payments for after rapture pet care.

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  1. I too have made a number of similiar suggestions and am prepared to sell plans for a rapture hatch in the ceiling plus some helpful advice about checking for overhead power-lines at the first sign of rapture. However more seriously there are a number of vulnerable simple souls who will be unnecessarily panicking and if it is like some of the many other failed predictions we may well find people commiting suicide to avoid the trauma. Possible the most useful and helpful thing we might do is point them to one of the lists of past failures to help them get a better grip on reality.

    • Like this handy dandy list? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture

      You know, I think you might have struck on why people are clinging to the rapture in the first place – a painless transition from life to death, with no painful or messy dying.

      I would expect that the rules of the religion would prevent suicides, since suicide is a sin, and if god was going to rapture you, then you just blew it big time and right before the big pay off.

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