Post Rapture


Unsurprising, the big rapture is a big bust – kind of like Y2K.

Intellectually, I can understand the impulse for a person to want the world to end with their death, it sucks to think that you’d be dead and everyone else getting to continue on, for the most part, as if you never existed, because to most of the people in the world, you don’t exist anyways.

I guess this is a a big reason why people have begun to prefer to become infamous instead of famous – to be famous, you have to be able to create something or do something, have a talent of value and interest – and it’s hard work to develop that and market youself; whereas, to be infamous, you only have to take every little time to destroy something, and can be as simple as driving a car into a crowd of people.

It’s not the lasting kind of fame like Shakespear, but sort term infamy, unless you put more effort into being destructive, like Charles Manson, who depsite not actually murdering anyone personally, will certainly continue on in the Villian Hall of Fame for decades if not a century or two to come.

For me, seeking fame or infamy seems like being a perpetual teenager, asserting your standing out from the herd of humanity, demanding to matter by dramatic behavior, instead of just living your life and enjoying the time you have with family and friends and making a life for yourself that does matter.

It is said that one of the worst things you can wish on a person is to live in interesting times, probably because to have the importance on the times, rather than yourself during the times, is to make less of your life and more of the circumstances.

Better for your life to matter, and it does to you and those you are in relationship with, but it’s recognizing tis matter of course meaningfulness that we forget about when we long to be part of something larger.

Being a big fish in a small pond means you matter more in that niche than being a small fish in a much larger pond.