ignorance is bliss

But that requires a below average IQ, as it means you can’t comprehend the world around you and the implications. It’s why the smarter you are, the less happy you can be.

Perhaps this is the heart of the battle between godbots and everyone else.

Few people will admit to being ignorant, so have to convince themselves that they have special knowledge (usually referred to as “revealed knowledge” – because they aren’t putting effort into actually learning and educating themselves, they have to claim knowledge from somewhere)

So, as possessors of revealed knowledge, they then insist that everyone who doesn’t share that “revealed” knowledge are the ignorant ones.

And ignore that if the knowledge that was revealed, would then be known by everyone. So the comeback is that you must accept Jesus and a whole store of “knowledge” will magically download into your brain

The response to this then is that free will isn’t possible despite the godbots insisting that we have it – of course, only so long as we don’t use it to not believe in the skydaddy.

So, in a way we’re being treated equal – godbots embrace revealed knowledge and consider that an expression of free will, but those of us who use our free will to embrace actual knowledge

Somehow have it wrong, because we reject the revealed knowledge that we could have if we gave up our free will.

Which shows that free will, like a free lunch, isn’t free

Giving up your free will costs your brain and using your free will costs your “soul”

On the balance, I’d rather have a brain in my head than two souls on a cloud.