Theist Conversion

Ever notice how people who claim to go from an atheist to a theist really lack a ring of truthfulness?

I have long operated on the basis that each of us is the expert of our own experiences, and so I take a person’s statement about their identity at face value; but somehow, I find that a woman who was born a male is a lot more credible and a non-issue than a person who claims to have been an atheist and is now a theist.

I don’t relate at all to the feeling of being in the wrong body, but maybe being a lesbian, I understand that sense of not being like most people, so it’s easier for me to accept without reservation a person’s gender identity as different than their body and possibly genes

I can understand going from faith to non-faith, but I just don’t find the claims for non-faith to faith at all credible or truthful, there is no logic and never a compelling conversion story. Often just vague epiphanies or a reference to a life altering conversation that the convert fails to share.

That’s really the rub – the atheist to theist convert is never forthcoming about what made them convert – yet, they insist that they were former athiests, and if they were, then they would have to know that vague stories and subjective experiences are not going to be at all compelling or convincing to the atheists they are trying to inspire.

Are they just withholding what really made them flip or lying about having not been a believer at some point?

I have to go with that they are lying, since their audience is rarely athiests, but believers – as if to give hope to the believers that someday, they too will be able to convert an atheist and save them from hell.