Life is conflict, conflict life

Conflict is life

Conflict is the process in which that we either accept or force changes to life circumstances – in this way, all conflict is an internal battle

Being bullied is only a problem if you object to being bullied – it isn’t a conflict for the bully as their standard is that bullying is okay – they are not in conflict internally – and not with you until you assert that they may not bully you.

Conflict is making your standards firm – I will not permit you to treat me this way – enforces a standard of conduct on other people Their response is whether they will accept your standard (kinder treatment of you) or maintain their standard (crappier treatment of you).

Conflict occurs when one person’s standards do not match another person’s – and the impact of the conflict is measured in how far apart the standards are. Closer together means resolution is possible without too much negative impact on the parties – however, the farther apart the standards are – the more likely an either/or or even, neither – the outcome will be.