Inequality begins with hell and heaven

heaven and hell is the source of their love of inequality

what more dramatic inequality is there?

here can be no heaven without a hell – otherwise, they have no one to lord it over – so their job is to make sure people know about their god expecting and wanting them to not believe to ensure a steady stream of people to be in hell

if they really believed that their god would let people into heaven who simply hadn’t gotten the memo and they really wanted everyone to go to heaven

then they would never have become missionaries, since people would get heaven if they hadn’t known about it

and they don’t stop to consider that if their god was really omnipotent, then everyone would have heard about it and again, no need for missionaries

so they set about proclaiming the words as an apologist thing that god didn’t do the heavy lifting because missionary work is part of the believer’s job

but really, it’s to make sure people know just enough to go to hell and they keep heaven pure and to themselves

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