Christians make me dizzy

It makes me dizzy how Christians shift between their majority position and dependent (upon being a majority) discrimination towards minorities such as atheists and gay people to reverting to a claimed victim status of being picked on by the very people they are able to discriminate against by virtue of Christians being the majority

The days of throwing xtians to the lions are so far gone that any victim claims are long extinguished and it’s time that xtians understand that they’ve been feeding the rest of us to the lions.

Each of us is capable of good and evil actions, but mere potential isn’t enough, it take religion to fan the evil spark into action because it gives it a veneer of for the greater good.


2 thoughts on “Christians make me dizzy

  1. I’m so sorry for the hurt that the church has caused you. I wish we could all hang “Work in Progress” signs on our necks. I truly believe that the church is mellowing towards us gays, and that there will be a future where “homophobic Christians” are a minority in the church.

    The very phrase “homophobic Christian” is opposite to the Gospel as I learned it. God’s most important commandments were to love God, and to love each other. I pray that the day will come when all Christians can follow those commandments perfectly, but until then I give you apologies for the unkindness of my brothers and sisters.

    • That’s kind of you, but you really can’t give apologies on behalf of other people. You’re not responsible for their actions.

      Personally, I have not been hurt by any church and have some fond memories and more of being bored and unsatisfied with the answers to my questions.

      I see churches as causing specific harm to individual certainly, but I have only experienced the harm done by churches in protesting against gay people having equal rights and the same harms done to society that everyone experiences – misinformation about sex, discriminatory attitudes and actions.

      I wouldn’t presume to hold any individual member of a church personally accountable – unless it’s the leader, like Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson – those that promote hatred and intolerance.

      Which, most religions do to people who aren’t in the club –

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