Brief Thought On Existence and the Meaning of Life (via SomeMusician)

My research into existential crisis has lead me to realize that even the the idea that given that i will die, what purpose does life has is a small concern when whole civilizations rise and die out – spanning tens if not hundreds of millions of lives.

That life is short and finite gives life meaning – but the purpose of it is what we individually make of it.

To live a life that is centred on something external like a god and to take purpose from that, is not to live a purposeful, but an unexamined life that one is hoping has a purpose in a larger plan that is not known to the person living said life.

I cannot imagine living an externally centred existence, and it’s little wonder that so many religious people are willing to throw away their lives as suicide bombers, as if taking life is a purpose and worse, expecting a reward.

What an evil and callow god they worship.

Better to live an internally centred life and make meaning and purpose.

I've often been told that leading a life of atheism (I am still unsure of what this means…seriously.) is one that is without purpose, without value. A life of atheism would be a depressing one as our lives would be rendered cosmically insignificant. While many of the theists that say this fully concede that this does nothing to support their claim of the existence of a God, this unfulfillable life that would result from there not being a god wo … Read More

via SomeMusician

4 thoughts on “Brief Thought On Existence and the Meaning of Life (via SomeMusician)

  1. There is no external ‘God’. ‘God’ is what you yourself ‘(and everybody else too) are in the deep, central part of yourself from which flows out this true Love you sometimes feel in yourself.
    This is the essential difference between religions, and spirituality. Spirituality is the process through which you become more and more aware again of your own buried and forgotten divine nature.
    That purpose your life then acquires comes completely from within.

    • This is where I am going, but i do not find the label of god as useful, being as loaded and misunderstood a term as it is

      there is nature in all it’s beauty and terrible truth, of which, we are part of the consciousness, with our consciousness as the conduit for comprehension and experience of same

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