Elvis Conspiracies

I haven’t done a strictly Elvis blog for a while, and I am not sure that this qualifies, but here’s some entertaining Elvis conspiracy websites – and not all of them are about faking his death and being secretly alive – many are far more entertaining, so warning – major grains of salt required:

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this one takes the top prize, combing Elvis and religion in a rather novel and offensive to Christians way:



God and Physics

Can “science” explain god? Short answer, depends on the area of science, what explain means and what god means.

Can physics explain the god of the Bible? No.

The god of the Bible works directly with people and contrary to the laws of nature.

If there were a god who created the natural laws and worked within those laws to shape the universe, then there could be no god to person direct communication. Certainly, there could be no miracles, since those are by definition not explainable through any natural means.

Much like the argument, if we agree that something can’t come from nothing, then where did the god come from? If we agree that there are natural laws, why do they need to be backed by a god?

It’s is far more correct to say, there’s natural laws and we don’t have any evidence to even guess  what was before the origin of the universe. Maybe when we figure out the what happened, we can develop hypothesis.

Still, I have to wonder: the bible is full of stories of god talking directly to people and making clear demands.

So, why are those ancient stories deemed true, when today, most people claiming to talk directly with god are given at least medications and sometimes committed to hospital care. While the folks who set themselves up as religious leaders who claim to talk to god, have to wait to be caught in a money and/or sex scandal before they are locked up.

Claiming to be able to talk to an anthropomorphic and/or personal God, regardless of the presence or absence of a hairbrush, is delusional.

Interestingly, when people who beleive that they are Jesus Christ encounter each other, it doesn’t diminish their self identity, as this reveals: Tale of the Three Christs