Elvis Conspiracies

I haven’t done a strictly Elvis blog for a while, and I am not sure that this qualifies, but here’s some entertaining Elvis conspiracy websites – and not all of them are about faking his death and being secretly alive – many are far more entertaining, so warning – major grains of salt required:

*shared for entertainment and not endorsement purposes or responsible for content*










this one takes the top prize, combing Elvis and religion in a rather novel and offensive to Christians way:



2 thoughts on “Elvis Conspiracies

  1. Thanks for posting this. At this time I can’t really look at it because I think I’ll be convinced of something I don’t want to be. Eventually I’ll look at it because I am an Elvis Junkie and have read many books about his life from many sources.

    A joke: I usually tell others to keep an eye out for Elvis at the Kentucky Fried Chicken Places…..why? Where else would you find a Colonel? Wherever his is…….that is where you’ll find Elvis.

    • I recently got a copy of a conspiracy Elvis book – not debunking, but making all kinds of claims – it was hysterically funny and without any merit at all.

      A nice popcorn book.

      But the name code is awesome – it suggests that there’s a whole other god and Elvis was that god’s son/prophet.

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