Everyone’s an atheist of some magnitude

I find it curious that American creationists set themselves against biologists instead of anthropologists. For anthropology demonstrates better than any other area of science that religion and the gods of said religion, are cultural products to create a group identity, enforce social norms and be a means of controlling your population.

That every civilization that has risen and fallen in human history, has had their own gods/goddesses – and creation myths – that they worshiped demonstrates that humans create the gods and religion is the cultural mechanism to incorporate the gods into the society.

Religionists often forget that there are thousands of religions practiced around the world and they ignore these other religions to battle against atheists, who do not believe in any of them.

But only difference between an atheist and a believer in any religion, is that one religion – most people are 99.9% atheist – if you are a Christian, you are an atheist to all the other religions that are currently practiced or have been practiced or will be practiced.

Atheism isn’t a belief, it’s a rejection of the claims for deities and their dependent religion – so atheism has nothing to prove – this means that believers and non-believers are not in the same boat needing proof-paddles. only believers require proof – which they set the bar very low on for themselves, being wishful thinking and subjective feelings/experiences – but they only really need to provide evidence if they want to convince a non-believer – and so far, the only method that’s demonstrated a conversion rate is using a sword.

And really, given the embarrassing number of religions that have been practiced through history and into the modern era – including and maybe especially religions that came to be in the modern era in addition to the various sects and splinter groups of the existing ones – religion shouldn’t pit itself against science – biology or anthropology – because the more that science explains and the deeper our understanding of ourselves, the fewer aspects of our lives – intellectual or emotional – religions belongs in or satisfies.

After all, every religion started with one person having an idea and marketing it to followers, so what need does anyone have to go farther afield than themself to determine and define their religion?

Well, unless you want to make some money and wield power and influence with the least amount of work and effort – then you need to attract and maintain followers. But, as the great philosopher PT Barnum noted, there’s one born every minute.

2 thoughts on “Everyone’s an atheist of some magnitude

  1. The amazing thing about ALL religions is that they think they have THE answer, THE TRUTH, and that everybody who doesn’t believe is just wrong. But this all starts, for the Christians, with the idea that somebody special came and told them the “good news”. The rest of the world just hasn’t heard it yet. Uh huh.
    So they don’t think about those other gods as gods they don’t believe in. They think there is only one God, they know about him, and we don’t. Poor us, huh?

    • yup – in fact, I don’t understand how a person can be a believer in just one – kinda like potato chips

      once you’ve got off reality as the basis for understanding and being in the world

      how can you choose between religions

      are people really so foolish and ill concerned that they expect to be lucky enough to be born in an era and country where the only and only true one is practised and legal and okay to be worshiped and practised?

      all that and believing it about all the other ones available!

      gee, and they expect that universe as a chance is a longshot.

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