Globally Competitive

Slowing in the western workworld, such things as telework, flexible hours, flex time and blackberry offices are becoming the norm.

So, isn’t it time to jettison the work week for flex weeks?

Working any 5 or 4 days totaling your weekly work of 40 or 37.5 hours – but is there any reason why those days have to be monday to friday?

we could reduce traffic, spreading it across a wider range of days and hours

we could reduce absenteeism, by allowing employee to arrange their work and life hours as needed

we could reduce the number of positions by streamling to just the effective and productive people who don’t need constant supervising – just regular check in and project meetings.

4 thoughts on “Globally Competitive

  1. The only problem that I can see is that people now tend to want a reply to their emails etc that very day, and the people that they are sending them to still need to be at work to really answer them (and don’t want to be on call everyday). Western Samoa is currently planning to cross the International Date Line primarily to line its work week up with that of New Zealand and Australia for this kind of reason. The effectively work on Saturday but not on Monday at present.
    Nevertheless, I’d say that things like your scheme will increasingly become the norm…

    • Yes, I firmly blame FedEx for this – we used to be fine with 6 to 8 weeks delivery – now everything has to be instant.

      But I say, let’s live in the moment, and sort out a work week that actually does balance life and work and lets other people to as well.

      no more instant gratification – although I realize that blogging is basically instant letter to the editor, except there’s no editor……

  2. I think the big problem with your suggestions is that management wants to watch the workers. They want to manage. If they can’t see people working, they feel useless. They are willing to compromise productivity and common sense to keep their feeling of control. Enlightened organizations that are willing to give this up are few and far between.

    • managers who’s primary function is to make sure other people are working, won’t have management jobs under my scheme – that’s part of the inefficiency to be eliminated as blocks to the productive people

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