Happy Elvis Death Day

The Last Photo

While August 16, 1977 was a sad, terrible and altogether bad day, we can take this day to celebrate the life of Elvis Aaron Presley and remind ourselves of the changes he brought to not only North American culture, but globally.

Elvis impacted so many areas of society that it’s easy to forget how much more divided and stratified American was – how black and white (or rather, black vs white) the thinking of the day was – Elvis was authentic and he can represent anything to everyone.

Elvis embodied the American Dream of being a poor sharecropper’s son who became the highest paid entertainer and globally famous.

Elvis embodied the rebellion of youth, the rising up of the oppressed, the original mash up artist who combined country with blues and pounded rock n roll into the libido and brains of a generation.

Elvis was always humble and never forgot his roots and gave to charities and needy individuals without publicity or claiming tax credits.

Elvis was the boy who couldn’t get a girl who grew up to be the man who couldn’t shake the women off with a stick – he loved women and we loved him.

Elvis was a story of success and excess, a cautionary tale and a dream turned nightmare of embodying a success that took on a life of it’s own, costing him his artistic cred and family.

Elvis: a rebel, a soldier, a fantasy, a dreamer.

Elvis: something for everyone.