Religion is a conspiracy theory

That every culture has come up with their own religion and deities does demonstrate that gods are human inventions, no different than Santa Claus and the boogey man – fictional characters meant to stand as enforcement of behaviour by providing a reward/punishment that is beyond the scope of the parents – who can only reward and punish behaviors that they become aware of; while Santa, boogey man, god and all other supernatural creatures are constantly aware and vigilant.

That all cultures have invented gods and religion, speaks to how effective a means that religion is to control thought and behaviour. Especially evidenced by how believers become active participants in the control mechanism by embracing it and touting it as true – despite the utter lack of evidence.

Religion is the ultimate conspiracy theory, in which the lack of evidence for is claimed as evidence of and the idea is against not only all evidence, but also logic, history and reason.

And like conspiracy theories, facts, evidence and reality to the contrary of the pet theory, does not dissuade believers – it only reinforces their confirmation bias as believing contrary to evidence, is what faith essentially is.

5 thoughts on “Religion is a conspiracy theory

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  2. Other than saying nearly every one of your conclusions don’t follow from your unsubstantiated assertions, I don’t know what else to say. You make claims that you do not quantify, then make conclusions based on false dichotomies.

    From some of your views expressed just in your last comment really gives away you haven’t actually investigated the claims made by Christian apologists. You repeatedly misrepresent what Christianity claims as evidence for itself, and simply gainsay your misrepresentations. It really does appear as though you get all of your information about Christianity from atheist blogs.

    • John

      Growing up in a western democratic country means that I have been exposed to Christian and other religions my whole life, well before the internet.

      I am looking at the broad strokes, big picture – and I do not have to debunk each and every claim for in order to reject religion.

      There is no, none, zero evidence for any religion, never mind any particular one.

      All arguments for religion are is wishful thinking and word games. There is no empirical evidence for religion, if there was, everyone who was willing to beleive would have no option but to convert to whatever religion had the evidence.

      It’s about the framework to understand the world and religious offers nothing that explains the world – science explains the world.

      It’s just that simple.

  3. You are still making this unsubstantiated assertion. You have yet to demonstrate that just because every culture holds a rteligious belief, therefore it is false, is true. I think it could also be explained as being an innate discovery.

    I was still waiting for you to cite an instance of an prominent Christian who makes the claim “we don’t know why _________ therefore it must be God” You seem to dismiss every argument for the existence of God with a hand waive.

    • So are you saying that every entirely distinct religion that every culture has come up with was true while the culture existed and worshipped? That means:

      1. there is no one true one if they are all true, or the alternative;
      2. humans create gods by inventing and worshipping them, thus human invention – and really, it’s a human fiction since these deities do not spring into being.

      If there were one true religion revealed to people by an actual god, then people from geographically distant places would have come up with the same religion – but that hasn’t happened – religion springs up with migration of people from one place to another.

      This is why I find it curious that religion doesn’t set itself against anthropology, because anthropology studies human cultures and you really can’t help but arrive at that understanding – it’s only by being isolationist and ignoring history that you can maintain that there’s one true religion and you happen to be born in a time and place where it’s okay to follow it.

      As for prominent Christians – the basis of Christianity is that god created everything – and denial of the Big Bang or other natural process theories about anything, denial of evolution – all of that is claiming we don’t know and god did it.

      I dismiss the arguments for because they are not based in empirical evidence, logic or reason and are outside of history and reality.

      The basis for claiming a god is the assumption that we don’t know (and why we should have to right now is curious) therefore goddidit.

      goddidit (or spirits or whatever) was used to explain the world – why the sun rose, why seasons, why disasters – and slowly, we have come to understand how planets are formed, climate science, global plate tectonics – and the gaps in our knowledge where gods could live are shrinking.

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