Gays can rule Canada

Think about it – Canada is about 10% of the population of the US – so if all the American gays and lesbians moved north and claims refugee status as a persecuted class of people – by becoming Canadian, they would make this country the first to have a dominant gay population – and marriage is already legal here!


Additional thoughts to upgrade this from an aside to a standard blogpost:


Perhaps the strategy of gays and lesbians dominating a country by voting block, if not actual population numbers should be the next step – rather than fight country by country – let’s form a country and influence the UN – who already offers same gender benefits if that’s the law in your country of origin.

No more bit player NGO on the sidelines – but a gay country would always be a member state within the UN fold.

17 thoughts on “Gays can rule Canada

  1. My number comes from the UCLA Williams institute study which I link to in my post “lgbt hate crime alarmist” post. Surely you can’t reject UCLA as biased.

    But you being a lesbian it should come as no surprise that a larger than statistically usual percentage of people you know are homosexual. For example, what percentage of people you know are mail carriers? I would say nearly 35% of the people I know are mail carriers. Who you associate with has little to do with the population as a whole. I know 1 asian person, but the country’s asian population is more than >1%.

    • Just so we’re clear im responding from my phone and for whatever reason I did not realize I was responding to George.

      But the point stands that you can’t base national population demographics on personal affiliation.

    • I totally agree that you can’t look at your own situation and extrapolate back to the population as a whole.

      Each of us has skewed data based on our personal circumstances and choices – which is partly informed by and partly forms our own confirmation bias.

      Which is partly why I don’t assert any percentages, currently, all of my friends are heterosexual, but also because, I don’t think the precise percentage matters for any reason – the fact of rather than the facts.

    • I thought, John, I tackled this a bit in my last comment.
      I explicitly attempted to harken back to a time when I should have statistically been around far less homosexuals than the national average- when I attended a conservative Christian church and had a majority of my friends from within that circle. Granted I was attending a public high school and a public University during this period, but those should still only help to bring me closer to an average since my church group ought to have skewed the numbers to the other direction.
      Even if I only consider my congregation- out of 120 people who attended my church, if you subtract children under 14- you get about 90 people- of them I know of at least 3 people who “struggled with the demons” regarding gay “urges”- two from my youth group and one adult male.
      And this is a group that I imagine ought not to be representative of the general public.

  2. George, the reason I ask is in the US the homosexual and bisexual population is about 3 1/2%. So that’s only like 10-12 million people. I was trying to figure out how it would make a majority. The percentages can’t be too far off that in canada.

    • There is no way to determine the actual percentage, but for the sake of discussion, let’s go with your figure and say 10 – 12 million.

      The population of Canada is about 35 million people. Of that, there;s a couple million who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender – combined with the numbers of straight Canadians who are not conservative – which is all of Quebec, and a good portion of British Colombians and most urban dwellers.

      Add to that another 11 million gay, lesbian, bi and trans American refugees – and you have – 13 million LGBT voters out of 46 million voters – and that’s a huge voting block – over a quarter of the population – in a population that currently, only half shows up to vote.

      Canada would never see another conservative government voted in.

      The only real fly in the ointment is that Canada conservatives are largely left of American democrats – so some portion of American LGBT refugees would fall into the Canada Conservative ranks, but there’s not really a Canadian equivalent to the Log Cabin Republicans – the conservative party we currently have is more social than fiscal conservative – but it may well kick start a libertarian movement in Canada – which I think would be a good thing.

    • Just to give a comparison, the homosexual and bisexual population in Iran is 0% of the population so I wonder how realistic your statistics are.
      I’m not saying they are wrong, per se, but I can say anecdotally that I knew more than 3.5 homosexuals out of every 100 people I knew even when I was insulated in the blanket of my Christian faith. Now that I frequent liberal political and cultural circles, I think that number is well over 15% of people I know.
      I wonder how rigorous the studies are that you quote to get those numbers, and I would say that I question how accurate they might be.

        • So, my dear Nina, does marginalizing, demonizing, and social hostility.
          Is 3.5% the number of outwardly self-identifying LGBT persons, or the number who are- regardless of bravery or cognitive dissonance?

          • I understand what it’s like to be the one persecuted in order to silence others with the chilling effect of my being persecuted.

            But there’s an order of magnitude of being willing to suffer slings and arrows (persecution) to shield others until they are capable of also standing and for social attitudes to change – and being executed and made into a martyr.

          • I just wonder if that order of magnitude is about 3.5% points more than 0%.

            Otherwise, agreed. We ought not downplay the horrors that people face in religious dictatorships.

  3. Great idea, dear Ntrygg!… Do you think the other Canadians will agree?…
    In England too, it seems there is quite a proportion of gays and lesbians, some of them I know of and appreciate a lot. Have you had a look at my most recent posts, about late Ian Charleson? A fantastic actor, and a great person.
    There is also a post about ‘Chariots of Fire’, a film within which is the true story of what I call a true Christian, so that too should interest you…!.

    • Yes, although I was surprised that it was my comment that kick started that sequence – so I should read it all. I only vaguely recall that movie – I was in grade 10 and not so into such talking films as I recalled Chariots of Fire to have been. I remember that they won an Oscar for best costumes, beating out, I think, Somewhere in Time, which had far more elegant fare.

    • I’m guessing she thinks it is at least 8.5 % of the general population, given that she says there need be a simple majority of homosexuals.
      You won’t pass the bell curve with questions like that,John.

      • There’s never been a proper census done – and even if there was, it’s unlikely that the level of trust exists between the gay population and the government to respond.

        To my mind, the fact that there are gay people should be enough to trigger legal equality – the percentage doesn’t matter until it comes time for the ballot boxes in first past the post systems.

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