Toplessness in Canada

Toronto has another topless protest on the front page.

In the 1990’s, a University of Toronto student, Gwen Jacobs, went topless on campus on a hot summer day and ignited a protest across Canada when she was arrested.

I covered the Vancouver march as a reporter, and ended up doffing my shirt and bra and joining – although I did put AIDs awareness stickers over my nipples – and let me tell you, going totally bare would have been preferable to later removing said stickers. Even the local tv news reporter flashed in support.

In the end, the right of women to be as topless as men prevailed in the court – however, despite the legality, there remain not only safety but social acceptability issues.

Bare chested is okay but bare breasted remains controversial – when can we ever just accept that we’re all naked under our clothes and on hot days, clothes should be optional.

Mere nudity is not sexual or obscene.

7 thoughts on “Toplessness in Canada

  1. Recently received a citation in Niagara, Ontario, after my neighbour’s child reported me to his mother, whom promptly called the police. It’s apparently legal in Ontario, but each little town, city or borough has their own by-laws against it. Mind you, I was in my own fenced-in backyard, but because they have a deck ‘watch-tower’ we call it which is higher than our side fence, they can see right into our yard. Needless to say, I am FURIOUS.

    • sounds to me that your privacy was invaded.

      In BC, there was a case where a man was masturbating in his front window, in plain sight of the entire neighbourhood, and one neighbour video taped him to show police.

      it turns out, he was inside his home, therefore legal and the videotaping was an invasion of the masturbator’s privacy

      It comes down to whether law is literal or the spirit of – either way, common sense rarely seems to inform law

  2. I’m disgusted by the sexualizing of the female breast. I once had a male acquaintance whine about a woman breast feeding her baby in plain sight in a restaurant. Boy, did I tear a strip off that idiot.
    But it isn’t just breasts. Disney airbrushed the nipples and belly buttons on the mermaids and fairie in his animations. Sick fucks that would complain about such things.

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