Charge the Pope

International Criminal Court has been asked by Catholic sex abuse victims to charge the Pope and top bishops with crimes against humanity.

The pope and other church leaders “tolerate and enable the systematic and widespread concealing of rape and child sex crimes throughout the world,” the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and the Center for Constitutional Rights said in a joint statement.

And in other Catholic Church sex news:

A respected former Catholic bishop in Ireland is calling for an end to clerical celibacy in the wake of the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the church worldwide, and says he finds it “heartbreaking” that some prospective priests turn away from the calling because of the celibacy rule.


While I think that some may be unwilling to join because of the sex ban, I suspect that the reasons why there’s fewer and fewer people wishing to join the Church has more to do with the Catholic Church having no moral ground to stand on anymore – partly because of the systemic sexual abuse of children and the lack of actions taken to prevent and correct the situation –

But also because religion is seen more and more, if not a source for social problems, it’s certainly an exacerbation of the problems.

After all, the no condom stance only ensures the continued spread of AIDs and lack of ability to control reproduction – which is directly related to poverty, infant mortality rates, productivity and creation of wealth.

We need to stop looking to the past for solutions to the problems of today – the solutions for a region which were based in ignorance, fear and customs are not solutions for a global community. Solutions have to be based on a solid understanding of not only science, but history with a vision for a better future – and we won’t find that by looking backwards and clinging to bronze age ideas for solutions to the digital information age.


4 thoughts on “Charge the Pope

  1. Bwah haw haw. Not really. I live in Ireland, I see the families with 6, 8, 10, 12! kids, women with their uteruses falling out, literally, and teeth falling out due to calcium deficiency from giving it all to one baby after another their entire married life. These people scare the hell out of me – now they are trying to tell the youth that the pill is actually abortion. I’m off topic, sorry. The reason there are so very many Irish catholic priests is that the families were so large, and some of the boys had to find a job somewhere, anywhere – why not the church? So the most useless male member of the family was pawned off into the priesthood, how wonderful. Oh, I better shut up, if my neighbours heard me I’d be burned out of my house. How very christian.

    • Boys joined the church for work, girls joined to avoid early death brought on by too many babies.

      It’s little wonder that the church is against birth control, without all the excess people needing to avoid real life there wouldn’t be a church anymore.

  2. Originally, “celibacy” meant that priests couldn’t marry because the church didn’t want powerful bishops promoting their own dynastic ambitions over the interests of the church.

    As if they were separate things….

    So through the middle ages, priests with women wasn’t that strange – they couldn’t keep the same women for over a period of time and this suited men fine to trade in for younger and newer or who was more politically expedient.

    The history of the Catholic Church is far racier than any daytime soap opera.

    Still, I find it funny that they think that no sex with women is the draw back – when I think it’s more the perception that to be a priest, you have to be part of an international systemic sexual abuse of children – and I can’t blame any man for not wanting to participate in that.

  3. The celibacy rule is only a symptom of the Catholic church’s deep anti-sex attitudes. Somehow, all the Abrahamic religions decided that sex is a problem, not something to be celebrated and enjoyed. The result, the most perfect system for creating perverts the world has ever seen, a system that accepts confused and sexually repressed young men, trains them in guilt and mind control techniques such as the confessional, and then put them in charge as a godlike authority figures over innocent children. What the fuck was anybody expecting?
    If the Catholic church doesn’t get rid of the celibacy rule it only proves once again that it is mired in perverted traditions and subject to a poisonous meme, the same meme that introduced humanity to infant male circumcision and today pushes for abstinence only sex miseducation, a meme that infected humanity thousands of years ago, and for which they have found no cure.

    I applaud this effort by the victims of this horrible system. Let’s drag those responsible out into the streets and flog the lot of them. Metaphorically speaking, of course. They can do their own flagellating, and do.

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