aura migraine

aura migraines suck so hard, they blow.

they are brutal migraines and include visual hallucinations like these artist representations. I see the elongated C shape and it starts small and gets bigger until it’s like water inside swimming goggles – but it’s shimmering constantly, so the inside details dim and brighten.

6 thoughts on “aura migraine

    • if only life was so equipped!

      I had one Monday and Tuesday and just a mild tendrils of it left today.

      We had a weather change and I had been concentrating very hard on my Monday post – so I am not sure which of those or something else – mild dehydration or something or a combination of these and stress

      I don’t see the auras quite like the drawings, in my eye, it’s white and whiter – no dark areas and they shimmer

      it’s painful all right

      I never used to get migraines, it’s only since my 30’s.

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