Conspiracy Theories

If all the conspiracy theories were true or all the real conspiracies were known; would knowing which were true and knowing them to be true, make any difference?

Conspiracy Theories seems to do little more than make the proponent appear as someone with inside knowledge.

Would knowing what “really” happened on 9/11 change anything?

Would it make Americans demand a new form of government? No.

Would it prevent future conspiracies? No.

Conspiracy theories of shadowy governments or agents of shadowy governments or private interest groups, be they business or religion oriented, do little more than create an industry of distraction – it consumes people to the point that casual belief that the US government killed JFK has turned 9/11 Truthers into a unified group who maintains vigils on par with the Roswell UFO Buffs.

These people spend money and time chasing shadows and not living their lives.

If what they believed was not only true, but admitted to be.

What would change? Nothing.

So there’s no sense in living your life around a conspiracy theory any more than there’s sense in living your life according to a religious theory.

You just end up not living your own life.


2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. I got quite caught up in the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. Not that I bought all the conclusions, but many things they brought up did seem suspicious. For me the breaking point was the constant insistence that thermite had been used on the building supports, and that this was what really brought the towers down. Thermite works by gravity. Put it on a car hood and it will burn through the engine right down to the ground. But put it on a vertical surface, like the side of the car or a pillar, and it just slides off. The conspiracy sites had been told this, but they still left up their false information. That’s when I decided they had wasted enough of my time.

    • I had been on Coast Guard training for light urban search and rescue several months before 9/11 and we learned the term “pancaking” – that’s when buildings fall one floor at a time, until the combine weight of of the collapsed floor just take the structure down.

      I had volunteered for a regional emergency drill that the Vancouver Airport was going to hold – I was going to play an upset relative at the airport – and 9/11 happened and the exercise was cancelled because the real search and rescue team wa waiting to be dispatched to Washington – but their help wasn’t asked for.

      That said, I watched the towers collapse live on CNN and I said “pancaking” that’s exactly what the Coast Guard described.

      To me, the failure was not that the buildings came down, but that the intelligence reports leading up to were not given proper consideration – that there was failure in the intelligence community – either in realizing or effectively reporting the information in a way that the government would pay attention.

      Not scrambling Andrews Airforce base, that was another sticky point for me.

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