Another reason why we can’t talk

The Triangulations blog has revealed an interesting problem between believers and non-believers in the discussion of religion

The post is about religion and harm but it’s the comment area that becomes the interesting part:

If we can’t speak generally about religion and the apparently detail oriented posts aren’t about actual data – you’ve rather interestingly illustrated the essence of the problem of discussion between believers and non-believers

For believers – it’s the details that are critical – but there’s no data to be detailed

For non-believers – it’s the broad strokes that matter, since there’s no data in the details.

so there is no possible arena for discussion

2 thoughts on “Another reason why we can’t talk

  1. You can have empathy without being able to manipulate, but you cannot manipulate without empathy. Or at least, you can’t successfully do so.

    It sure helps to understand what the other feels, but you certain can manipulate without feeling what another feels — salesmen and conmen do it all the time. All you have to do is hit generic triggers to manipulate people.

    • true, any good salesperson can manipulate or direct people – the basis of advertising is to sell you something that you didn’t know you wanted/needed and it plays on our need to be fuckable, attractive to others – but that kind of manipulation is crude, detectable and not particularly sophisticated.

      I think that empathy and manipulation, at their highest level, are indistinguishable.

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