Every religion has an origin myth of how the people came to be. The People being those that follow the religion, naturally, because origin myths do not account for how conquering peoples who arrive at some later point in time came to be.

For cultures that arose alongside others, the distinction between who is People and who are others becomes murky and something to be ignored by the respective religions because the fact of people not accounted for can’t be denied, so some other mechanism is at work – cognitive dissonance perhaps, ignoring what the belief system can’t account for.

The real threat of science to religion is that science accounts for all people, not just favoured, chosen, regional or local people. All people.

Out of Africa we came – not from monkeys as religious proponents would like to claim science says in order to cause a disgust reaction in people so they reject science which tells them that humans are but one species of animals among many; while religion tells them that people are not only special, but that certain people, the right people are even more special than others if they follow the one true religion.

The push for Christian creationism in North America has more to do with racism than specie-ism.

Because, evolution’s explanation is that humans arose on the African planes, pretty much as the modern bush people are now. That the variation in skin, eye and hair colour, eye shape, average heights and weights, are all more recent acclimation to climate and sexual selection.

Religions would have us beleive that the peoples of the earth were poofed into existence, as and where they are – and that could be a supported idea only as long as each group didn’t encounter any other groups.

But that only held true for geographically remote people – those that coexisted through Africa, the middle east, Eurasia and into India – didn’t have the luxury of being able to pretend to be the only people.

No religion accounts for or can explain all the peoples of the world – science does. Evolution and anthropology provides origins for all of us in a comprehensive and inclusive manner that religions can never hope to.

That religion varies widely from location to location around the world should demonstrate that it is a cultural variation, with no basis in reality but with a long history of discrimination, oppression, violence towards non-members and hoarding of wealth and knowledge away from common people.

Which is not to say that science is pure as snow, certainly political and religious ideology has crept into various science disciplines, because religion may make us hate or fear each other enough to unleash terrible atrocities upon each other – it is science that allows for the creation of the weapons and tools that are beyond the human scale of destruction.

But science, governed by professional ethics and freed from political influence, can also perpetuate goodness without reservation or discrimination.

Something religion can never claim, reserving as it does the benefits for believers only with non-believers consigned to unpleasantness and punishment.