Canada’s Mosaic

I had an interesting online conversation with a poster calling himself The Patriot that I wanted to share:

Canada is a multi-cultural society and it’s time our holidays reflected that:

  • there should be no civil holidays that are non-secular


  • every culture’s special holidays should be stat holidays

There’s nothing wrong with immigration groups continuing to celebrate their cultural heritage. We are all enriched by exposure to more cultures – Canada is a mosaic, not a melting pot as America is.

But, people need to leave at the door is the baggage and violence. New country, fresh start. Don’t come here to fight the battle back home – if you want your home country to change, then stay there and fight and work for change there.

Come here if you want to make a new life for yourself – bring the good parts of your culture and share it with your new homeland.

As for people who insist that Canada is is certain way, aka Judea-Christian, you’d be better to remember that Europeans weren’t the first people here and that Christianity was just an immigration wave. A little more destructive and selfish than other waves, but a wave of immigration nonetheless.

It’s a bit galling that the descendants of European immigrants arrived in Canada, ran roughshod over the people who were already here, establish themselves as the apex group and then cry when people who come after aren’t adapting to the existing way of the land.

Judea-Christian ways are not for everyone thankfully.

In any event, Canada is not the near monolithic Christian nation that the US often appears as. Even Christianity isn’t as monolithic as it would like to be, with so many versions and so much infighting and turf wars over who’s a truer Christian than the others.

There is little in xtianity that is sustainable over the long haul – as evidenced by the plethora of variations and sub-sects within the variation (fundies to moderates to splitters) and people need to work and play better together.

Christianity, like all religions and even political beliefs, divides and separates us and the world has become too small a place to maintain these artificial divides and differences.

The Patriot wrote:
Sorry but when my ancestors immigrated on the mayflower from England to America they established a strong nation with Christian values and European traditions..These values and ideals then spread to Canada,we white people have been here now for many generations.

The Mayflower people were a particular group that settled in New England; they were not the founding fathers of America – but rather a group of people who were intolerant and uptight and pretty much kicked out of England for being so.

You clearly don’t understand how Canada and the US were populated with many waves of immigrants, and American so call values didn’t migrate up to infect Canada – Canada is a very different country than the US.

We like our capitalism tempered with socialism – capitalism with a heart.

The Patriot wrote:
I would say this country is ours as we are the first civil people to live here not that I hate other cultures and religions it’s just we are becoming too multicultural..

US is not multicultural, it’s a melting pot that reduces people down to the lowest common denominator.

I would also suggest that there is yet to be civil people living in the states, given your statement, as you clearly do hate, fear and mistrust other cultures and have no confidence in your own or yourself to be so threatened.

If you had any self esteem or strong sense of culture, then that other people have a strong cultural identity wouldn’t bother you at all.

The aboriginal people who were in what became US and Canada were not technologically advanced, they were essentially a stone aged culture were perfectly civil – they had strong cultures, oral traditions and they had complex societies and customs. All the meaningful measures of civilization.

You are confusing technology with behavior – the way that the aboriginals were treated does not indicate civil behavior on the part of Europeans who arrived and took the resources for themselves. Dragging different native bands into European clashes and setting the Jesuits and other missionaries upon them to undermine their culture.

It is no longer practical to think in terms of this nation or that nation, but we must think globally and be accepting that the earth has many cultures – we are a multicultural species, regardless of your personal hermit isolationist and self centered preferences.

I am guessing that the American conquer and absorb fetish really boils down to thinking of culture as something that’s packaged and sold to the masses, rather than a reflection of who we all are as a people. We do not need to be the same to be equal or equally valuable – that would be rather dull. But we need to be able to work and play well across and despite differences were possible and only assert influence across cultures when it’s a shift towards improving equality and norming.

The Patriot wrote:
We need to have a stronghold for are values, Canada is a Christian stronghold whereas India is Hindi stronghold.It’s time Canada took a lesson from the great United states of America and started to stand up and protect our way of life.

Canada is not a stronghold or an imitation of America – we are a multicultural society and proud to be so.

There is no need to cling to one way of life – there are many ways to live – and what the essentials of life are – food, shelter, family – are the same in all cultures – the differences are all minor window dressing as to be the manner of dress, preparation of foods, all the how of what we do.

The United States hasn’t been great for a very long time – America started with a bang of humanist enlightenment and fizzled out as religion wormed it’s way into the halls of government.

And, the isolationist and USA first stance,  where America acts as if you are not part of the world – despite the invitation to the poor and downtrodden for a better place to be – has become a big part of why so much of the world is against America.

The world doesn’t want to be a melting pot for American Capitalists to brand everyone and everything.

The Patriot wrote:
We would be selling out our sovereignty if we didn’t. Sikhs are arrogant and they terrorists,They are commited too coming here to disrupt our way of life. I can tell you this ,a Sikh will never be in a position of power in this country. It’s time we brought back the old Canada.By the way I do not hate Sikhs themselves I just hate what they stand for.

You hate Sikhs for doing what you want to do – get your own place and build a fence around it and declare it wholly your own an independent of everyone else.

It is time to stop pining for what we think the old anything was and look to the future and new ways to share the planet; not be ostriches with heads in the sand or up their butts.

America needs a leader who can look forward to the future, not backwards through religious coloured glasses.

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