Pumpkin Pie Toast

I came up with a taste and texture delight that I have to share.

Start by toasting your favorite multigrain bread that has seeds in it.

While the bread is toasting, assemble in a row the jars of:


pumpkin pie spice (premixed or nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, ginger, allspice, clove)



mixed white chocolate chips and butterscotch chips

Coat the toasted bread with honey.

The order of the spice layers do matter, so on top of the honey, lightly sprinkle a dusting of:

pumpkin pie spice mix



then liberally add the butterscotch and white chocolate chips – re-toasting slightly once assembled if you have a toaster oven and want the chocolate to be melty.

If you want to do a fancier brunch, put the spices and honey in an egg/milk mixture and make pumpkin french toast!

Advice to a Young Lesbian

I came across an excellent advice post on phonaesthetica and had to share it – the essential points are listed below, but the click here for the full letter:

  1. Keep being as out as you are now….
  2. Know your GLBT history. …
  3. Desert Hearts.” Old, but a magical date movie, ….
  4. Curvepersonals.com is fun, but try to meet women in real life. ….
  5. Be careful in bars, especially mixed ones. …
  6. When you fall in love, remember this: Love is irrelevant if you can’t get your needs met. ..
  7. Women don’t catch HIV from each other; …However, you there’s still herpes, HPV, chlamydia, and other non-fatal creepy crawlies. …
  8. In every lesbian community, no matter how small, there’s always at least one whackjob who seduces and cheats and lies and scatters the area with Bad Juju Spores. Figure out who that whackjob is and stay away from her.
  9. Don’t be the whackjob. …
  10. Be courageous. If something feels wrong, react accordingly. …

Christmas or marriage?

I don’t celebrate religious Christmas – not even as a kid – Christmas was a get together of family at the year’s end to celebrate having gotten through another year and celebrating the bonds of family ties.

Of course, we got together every month that there were birthday too, so it wasn’t like Christmas was the only extended family time of the year. It was just the frantic family where my nuclear family saw my Dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve, my Mom’s Mom and family on Christmas day and my Mom’s Dad and his second family on Boxing Day. Which was about the only time of the year we saw this particular branch, and now, for reasons that remain unclear, they broke contact with us in 1995.

I think Christians should celebrate Christmas whoever they want – but they need to recognize that not everyone who marks Christmas as an occasion, does so with religious intent and meaning. If Christians really want to celebrate their savior’s birth, then do it in April, when if he had been born, he would have been born – that way, they could combine the birthday with resurrection day and get a two for one deal going.

Leave the winter festival of gluttony and cheer to offset the winter season of scarcity and cold weather to the secular reason for the season. Because that’s what the winter festival was about and the start up sects of Christianity just attached their decorations (well, the yule log and tree are pagan actually) or rather, associated themselves with existing holidays to make the transition easier.

Basically, they took a page from the Romans who kept their gods and goddess ill-defined so when they conquered people, they could say, but we’re the same since your pantheon of deities lines up with our pantheon of deities.

But Christians do not want to share the word Christmas with secular purpose and meaning any more than they want to share the word marriage with gays and lesbians.

So, they want different things called the same on one hand while asserting that something is the same despite a difference in name and legal standing….

Please pick one and stick to it – otherwise, this lack of consistency is showing their true colours of wanting everything their way, no matter how inconsistent and unequal that makes it for any other people. Worse, these games are done under the further smoke screen of claiming to be the victims of attack, when in fact, the only people attacking how people celebrate Christmas or be married are Christians.