Advice to a Young Lesbian

I came across an excellent advice post on phonaesthetica and had to share it – the essential points are listed below, but the click here for the full letter:

  1. Keep being as out as you are now….
  2. Know your GLBT history. …
  3. Desert Hearts.” Old, but a magical date movie, ….
  4. is fun, but try to meet women in real life. ….
  5. Be careful in bars, especially mixed ones. …
  6. When you fall in love, remember this: Love is irrelevant if you can’t get your needs met. ..
  7. Women don’t catch HIV from each other; …However, you there’s still herpes, HPV, chlamydia, and other non-fatal creepy crawlies. …
  8. In every lesbian community, no matter how small, there’s always at least one whackjob who seduces and cheats and lies and scatters the area with Bad Juju Spores. Figure out who that whackjob is and stay away from her.
  9. Don’t be the whackjob. …
  10. Be courageous. If something feels wrong, react accordingly. …

4 thoughts on “Advice to a Young Lesbian

    • “whackjob” is in slang in both Canada and the US for a crazy person, they are whacky but also methodical in their madness.

      Usually, it’s the kind of person who has a lot of personal problems and they are just waiting to find that special person whom they can blame them all on.

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