Elvis’ “Little Sister” Dies

From Elvis Information Net

October 27, 2011 – Patti Parry, Elvis’ “Little sister” has Died:

EIN has confirmed the terrible news that Elvis’ good friend Patti Parry passed away this morning in hospital. We have heard that her brother took her to a hospital last night, and that she passed this morning.

Patti Parry was a good friend to EIN and was always a joy to be with, full of fun and life and wonderful stories of times spent with Elvis.

Patti Parry was one of a small number of girls who hung out with Elvis and the guys for many years in L.A. from the time they were young in the early 60s.
When EIN interviewed Patti Parry in 2003 she recalled that when she knew him ..

“Elvis didn’t have a Mum, he didn’t have a sister so I was a girl who was around who could nurture him. He needed that nurturing. I was the only girl there and if he needed it I would give him a lot of help and a shoulder to cry on. I was his Little Sister, I was a very lucky girl. (laughing) They were lucky too!”


I don’t think it was until the 1990’s that I learned about Patty from one documentary or another.

Patty Parry was a rare person in Elvis’ life who hasn’t written her own book about Elvis. During Elvis’ life, there wasn’t much private information about him that fans were aware of, but she began to appear in some documentaries and magazines over the past years, offering a unique perspective on Elvis because of the unique relationship they had.

People like Patty were rare, she occasionally worked for Elvis as a hairdresser, but she rarely accepted payment or salary. Her Elvis days were largely in LA – including the night of The Beatles visit.

Patty has only ever talked positively about her days with Elvis and her interviews were always humanizing, recognizing that there was some bad that isn’t worth talking about and focussing on the positive and keeping private matters private.

Not only admirable, but also a testament to the strength of her character and her loyalty to her friend, Elvis Presley.



3 thoughts on “Elvis’ “Little Sister” Dies

    • Perhaps there is some comfort to be had in knowing that she reached out to you.

      You tried to reconnect, but circumstances just didn’t cooperate – don’t care more blame than you have to.

    • At least you tried to contact her Linda. Don’t beat yourself up about it. She was a lovely person she knows you cared. Katex

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