The cost of acceptance

The cost of being accepted by the religious right is total conformity. In other words, unconditional surrender and aping them.

Since that will never occur, it seem pointless to continue to delay the inevitable – although, delay, deny and doubt has long been the tactics of the conservatives on everything from tobacco, environmental protections, climate change, science research and advancement of civil rights, regardless of the science, the law and the morality underlying social progress. Conservatives will cling to tradition and resist modernization for as long as they can, no matter the cost, and despite that in a few decades, the changes will be touted as tradition and social norms so they can continue to resist future change.

Nothing stays the same but their resistance. The battle for equality is over except for the whining.

America needs to ending the bullying and legalize gay marriage. Take away the last threat that the religious right has to use against their own children:

You can’t be married and be gay. We want you to be happy, and that means married with kids.

Never mind that you are gay or maybe are straight and don’t want to be married or maybe not have kids.

The battle for equality can be over as easily as making marriage inclusive, because then we don’t have to just say that things will be better in the future, we will be taking concrete steps to ensure the better future.

That people can be happy without having kids, can choose to marry or not, and can live openly as gay or straight, without sanctions for either option.

The only reason why life is unhappy for gays is because religious people go out of their way to make it so.

The religious are not ever content to live and let live – they want their beliefs to be shared by everyone. It’s why they proselytize and can’t leave people to their private concerns. It’s why they fight to prevent abortions, termination of life support, and science education in public schools.

The religious right has lost every social progress movement from women voting to ending slavery to civil rights for minorities to equal rights for gays and lesbians. Transgendered people should be able to make the equality leap along with gays and lesbians, at least in law if not in public perception.

The last bastion believers have left is name calling athiests, because there is no mechanism for them to remove or deny secular civil rights to athiests, because no rights are dependent on being a believer.

The religious right is scared of their children learning that you don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to be married and you don’t have to be straight to lead a happy and productive life. A good and moral life even. Which is why they resist gay marriage being legalized, when gays and lesbians who are inclined towards families are hardly waiting for the law to catch up with reality.

That it is the knowledge of other ways to live that the Religiouswant to suppress, is very telling about the happiness they have in their own lives, which is clearly, none at all.

If the religious right’s lifestyle was at all a happy one, then it wouldn’t need to be so rigidly enforced or artificially propped up by society pretending that there’s not other ways to be and live in the world.

I think that there’s a lot telling about the mindset of believers that the Pascal’s Wager runs through everything – if you are pretending to beleive, just in case, and you live your life as if you beleive and you follow the rules as best as you can, how is an omnipotent god supposed to be impressed that you lived under false pretenses.

Worse, by marrying a person you couldn’t really love and preventing them from a chance at real happiness with someone who could have been happy to be married to them. Misrepresenting yourself to everyone you know is a terrible and lonely way to live.

How is living a lie – and if you don’t really feel it in your heart, it is a lie – supposed to lead to heaven or any happiness on earth?

That the religious only care about the quantity and conformity of life is horrifying and worse than purposeless, it’s wasteful.

The quality of the time we have is important because it’s the only time we know that we have. Life’s clearest purpose is to live it to the fullest extent that you can.

Life is too short to waste on hate, falsehoods and with people you are supposed to, but don’t really love.


Human life is too short a span of time to push knowledge away and limit ourselves to what we can learn through experience.

Instead of standing on your own feet, yet on your knees to god, and, at the end of your days, or when you look back on your life at any point, and see the small shadow you cast, symbolic of the body of knowledge that you have gained on your own in the context of a life that never questioned what was taught to you as a child,

What if, you studied and learned about other people’s experiences, that were different, based on different beleifs, and how people collectively interacted, learned the history of man and the history of man’s shared knowledge

and add your own experiences to that, and allow yourself to change; when you look back on your life, you are not alone. You are standing on the shoulders of other people, in all times and eras of humanity; each of us, a boulder in a pyramid, a solid body of knowledge, built upon and refined by successive generations.

And so united, we can direct our own future and not be subjected to the whims of the natural world or internal bickering

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