Will Jeremy Take out Rick Perry?

“I don’t know if it can be proved up or not. The young man’s name was Jeremy and he was 38 years old,” Perry told voters in Concord, N.H. “He said, ‘We got here at 9 o’clock, and those people’ — this was in Toronto; I think Bay Street is their comparable [Wall Street] — he said, ‘Those bankers that we came to insult, they’d already been at work for two hours when we got here at 9 o’clock, and when we get ready to leave, you know, they’re still in there working. I guess greed just makes you work hard.'”

Rick Perry, quoting “Jeremy”

Rick Perry recently quoted “Jeremy” to demonstrate what’s wrong with Occupy Wall Street protestors and to uphold conservative values.

Only, Jeremy is a fictional character in a satire article published in the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper.

But despite the column being a satire column, people have mined the Jeremy quote to show what’s wrong with the Occupy movement without realizing that any quote that is that perfect and seemingly custom made for their agenda, is outright too good to be true – and it’s not, it’s fiction.

No one down south even bothered to google check the quote, a truly inexcusable lapse.

But what I find more concerning than the lapse in judgement and out of context quote mining – well, the bizzaro world not recognizing satire – is the appalling lack of knowledge about Canada by a guy who wants to be President of the USA when Canada is the USA’s largest trade partner.

This is rather like when the Rick Mercer Talking to Americans segment, which started out as a feature on This Hour Has 22 Minutes before becoming it’s own show – when he asked then candidate George W Bush to wish Canadian President Tim Horton a happy birthday.

Bush didn’t seem to know that Canada as a Prime Minister, not a president and Tim Horton was a hockey player turned donut king.

How can a person be president and not consider knowledge of close allies necessary?

Americans need a president who’s a leader, not a guy you could see yourself having a beer with and who shares your religious values.

America has been resting on it’s laurels for too long, and is no longer the global leader of human rights and is in fact, trailing behind the other G8 countries – most of whom have at least civil unions, if not marriage, being legal recognition for gay and lesbian citizens.

The rest of the world is moving forward with scientific/medical research, environmental protections, alternative energy and sustainability, while America backslides into a Christian Theocracy, retarding social and scientific progress.

But there is a certain amount of Maple Leaf pride to thinking that a Canadian humorist and his fictional Jeremy, could become a meaningful symbol of all that is wrong with Rick Perry – no sense of humour and less sense of reality.

With any luck, this election may be the last death grip the religious right has on the Republican Party as it fades into statistical non-relevance.

3 thoughts on “Will Jeremy Take out Rick Perry?

  1. We don’t need no stinkin’ humane rights down here, and we don’t need yer new-fangled science neither! Jesus takes care of everything. Don’t you be tryin’ to figgur out His ways. T’ain’t fer man to know.

  2. The Republicans are so awful they are beyond satire. Will the Republican party fade into statistical non-relevance?
    I would like to think it might happen but they still have plenty of dirty tricks to manipulate public opinion.

    • I think I forgot the paragraph where I hoped that the fiscal conservatives would retake the part away from the religious right.

      But yes, there is a point at which parody is no longer needed and can be replaced with mere imitation.

      I guess we should start calling them the POE party, since there is no difference between their words/actions and parodies of same.

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