Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

“Our government recognizes that we need to treat job-related mental stress the same way we treat physical illness and injuries. We know mental stress has a significant impact on workers, their families and their workplace.”

Margaret MacDiarmid,
Minister of Labour,
Citizens’ Services and Open Government

This is a major step forward for workplace bullying to be recognized as a workplace injury.

Now, if only, workplace bullying could be recognized as a crime as serious as physical assault. Particularly since the injuries from a physical assault tend to heal faster than psychological injuries.

Now, if they would do something about the application process and reduce the number of suicides while people wait for their claims to be adjudicated….

6 thoughts on “Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

    • considering that the whole basis of being against gay marriage is that the religious have always been able to discriminate, so it’s discriminatory to say that they can’t anymore ………

      man, it’s really too bad that all these so called alleged peace and love religions couldn’t actually inspire their adherents to be decent and nice people who can work and play well with others….

    • I think that it’s been too long since Christians were victims, that they’ve really twisted what it means to be a victim

      “stop making us oppress you for your failure to conform to us”

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