It’s Marriage vs Polygamy

So someone explain to me how gay marriage is an affront to Straight + God Marriages (TM) – as opposed to the heathen straight agnostic/atheist/mixed or lapsed faith heterosexual marriages.

When thou shall not commit adultery is a commandment and polygamy is nothing short of an affront to that commandment.

Because the essence of how Mormonism is different than Christianity is their claim that their sin of adultry is By claiming that their sin of adultry is an act of faith required to get into heaven is a religious command, an act of faith required to get into heaven, is blasphemous.

Polygamy as the practice of said region is a double talking dodging lie to invent a go around a commandment.

Polygamist secretive communities, don’t want their members to know that
there’s any other way to be more than anyone else.

Non Mormon polygamists don’t engage in polygamy as a religious command, but rather as a cultural demonstration of wealth and alliances, being able to support multiple wives is a earthly status symbol not a measure of religiousness or dependant for entry into the afterlife. Non religious polygamists engage in non-exclusive relationships for the rewards and they put in a lot of hard work and effort.

All closed community religions – whether it;s a homegenous region of geography or a gated community or a gated mind – don’t want their children to know that there’s other ways to be in the world and that it’s okay to make your own way.

Because if their children knew, their children would know there’s more than a few things wrong about their childhood not just the way they are taught the world works
they are taught as the religion teaches, not how your school operates.

These children are denied exposure to diversity, to their birthright as members of a global community. Foods, sounds smells, objects and people and scenery and everything that goes with diversity.

They are shut ins by their parents choices into a blandest of appearing public face
and who knows what level of joys or horrors in private.

So I say with all seriousness it’s time we started to really consider the children and end their isolation and teach them about the diversity and adaptability of the human species.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and where there’s oppressive and secretive behaviours, there’s reason to be concerned.

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