Won’t Someone Invent a better device?

I have been a diabetic for 12 years and I am finding that the diabetic devices are falling very short of what I need and suspect that others need to most easily management their diabetes with the least effort for the maximum gain.

I have been considering what type of device that I would be able to get the most of out and think that something along these lines would meet the specs – it’s really combining three existing devices into one for a health focus – diabetes as a primary purposes, but also blood pressure, cholesterol – total health management in a single easy to use device.

In the future, this could interacted with health case software and eliminate the need for the various services for travels that exist now, by having health records and history literally on the waist of the patient – it could also be connect to a user’s insulin pump for real time data capture.

I think that a new devices is needed that combines the blood testing capacity with a pedometer and a PDA with internet for cloud computing to ensure the widest available data with respect to medications, food, exercise and personal health information.

OTDM – One Touch Diabetic Management

Device includes:

  • Pedometer
  • Blood testing with test strip single or disc option
  • PDA with cloud computing and integrated software with touch screen:

The lancet is also the touch screen pen

  • Only an on/off button – everything else is on the interaction screens
  • Software automatically pulls in the pedometer data
  • Cloud databases include food calorie/carb counters, exercise/calorie burning charts, medication data
  • Time scheduling software – with alarm for medication time

Calender software allows you to track when and what you ate, when and what exercise you did and when medications were taken

Health monitor software pulls in the pedometer and calendar software data about eating, exercise and medications to identify daily, weekly, monthly and longer trends – and allows tracking of blood sugar, blood pressure, and allows the use to enter customizes information about physical, mental and emotional systems to help identify health trends by trend analysis to identify the relationship between actions (ie the amount or lack of exercise with the food intake to blood sugar spikes or dips, blood pressure fluctuations, headaches, feels of despair or physical exhaustion, etc)

Each software screen should be colourful and easy to use with minimal fuss so that each person gets the maximum value for minimal effort – what more attractive quality is needed in a hybrid multidevice?

Trauma Revelation

I ruined dinner last night – twice. I put the aluminum foil over the lasagna the wrong way, so it cooked at the edges and stayed frozen in the middle. I discovered that when I went to pull it out. So, I turned off the stove, checked the lasagna, threw the foil in the garbage and the food back in the oven. I reset the timer.

So, it was when I went to check the second time, that I realized that I hadn’t turned the oven back on.

I was so hungry as to be near insensible, a bad thing for a diabetic, because the emotional control weakens at high or low blood sugars.

I prepared a tide over snack of cheesey toast and headed to the dog room to watch more of Xena season four with The Spouse.

But I couldn’t face her. I felt so stupid for delaying dinner, for not paying attention. I was so distressed that I almost didn’t take a minute for inventory.

Inventory is a practice I’ve developed from trauma counseling.

I pay attention to my posture, breathing, any sensation anywhere. Breathe calm and just pay attention. What’s going on? What thoughts change it? Does it change as you make yourself calm.

I realized that I was not standing up straight, my head was bowed as where my shoulders. My breathing was distressed and my stomach was boiling acid. My knees were shaky, also bent.

My whole body wanted to supplicate itself on the floor and accept whatever punishment was going to be meted out for having delayed dinner to an unreasonable hour. I was beside myself.

The Spouse and I have never lifted a hand to strike the other. We’ve fought with raised voices and the occasional slammed door. But never violence.

I stood in the doorway, in a state of high anxiety for having dropped the dinner ball.

I realized that I expected to be punished and that whatever the punishment was, I deserved what ever I was going to get.

I took a deep breath. I had to dig, because this was crazy thinking, so outside of our relationship norm that I knew it had to be from somewhere else.

And it was.

My workplace conflict has Pavlovian trained me to expect punishment for anything that I do. It’s not rational, reasonable or acceptable.

The end result of the three years of being bullied by co-workers and bullied by management in their denial of the allegations against my co-workers and bullied by management in their attempts to shut down my grievances into being a quiet and obedient employee.

I have had to deal with an extreme cognitive dissonance of knowing what I bring as an employee and being told that I am the problem, and not the people who’s conduct I reported as bullying, conduct management couldn’t or wouldn’t stop; combined with my raising awareness for the lack of work for the number of employees that we had and other management issues that were long overdue to be dealt with.

I wanted to do meaningful work that was a full day and at my pay grade, not below.

I wanted to streamline the inefficient work and not perform duplicate or by policy definition, unnecessary work.

Instead, I ended up with three grievances, a federal human rights complaint, a Canada Labour Code Part 2 refusal to work and a complaint to the BC Police Commission.

All because I wanted to work and wouldn’t be quiet about it.

My employer – between the co-worker abuse, management’s inability to curb the employees inappropriate behaviours, the lack of work, the amount of busy work, the amount of make work that wouldn’t have been needed  had the work been done properly or with any care from the start or over the past decade, that the program was winding down, with less work than ever in the program’s history, but for unclear reasons, with higher staffing levels.

These are the questions that I asked. For this, instead of being recognized for having identified a lot of cost savings, I am instead blamed for all the wrong doing and labeled as the problem.

Management then is able to continue forward on the basis of whatever understanding they have of the workplace, reality and evidence and facts had no bearing.

I live in an evidence based reality approach, I had no chance of safety being under the thumbs of people who did not consider evidence or likely probabilities, given the realities of the situation.

Management fell back on the tried and true – deny, delay and discipline.

Even one of the psychiatrists that I was sent to said “People like you end up back in the job.”

I never understood what he meant, but I can only think that what he meant was, People who can be broken.

I am bent at terrible angles, but I am not broken. I was an oak, now I’m a willow, and I can bend.

I realized last night that my employer had conditioned me to be unable to predict how people will react or respond and they had conditioned me to expect punishment, regardless of what I have done or said.

I stood in the doorway, looking at my spouse and cringing in terror of a beating that I felt I deserved – when there has never been anything approaching that kind of dynamic in our relationship.

But that’s what being bullied does – it isolates you from those you love the most. It takes you away from them and takes everything good away from you. Like a Dementor in the Potterverse, being bullied means you feel like you can never be or find happiness again.

To everyone who’s been bullied: You didn’t deserve it.

To all the bullies: If you could feel how you make your victims feel, you’d never bully anyone again, and as terrible a person as you are as a bully, I actually don’t wish these feelings on anyone.

North Carolina Pastor waits for marriage equality

A North Carolina Baptist church –  650-member congregation –  has voted this past Sunday to prohibit its pastor from legally marrying a heterosexual couple until gay marriage is legal in the state, the News Observer reported.

“As people of faith, affirming the Christian teaching that before God all people are equal, we will no longer participate in this discrimination,” the statement reads.

Marriages will continue to occur, but the certificates to make the marriages legal won’t be signed until the Pastor can sign them on behalf of all couples seeking to marry.

Which is a solid demonstration of weddings being religious ceremonies with meaning to those who seek out such ceremonies – and by failing to legalize the heterosexual marriages, this church nicely demonstrates that the license comes from the State and the State has no business to withhold licenses for any legal activity by law abiding citizens.

The state’s interest in the legal formation of families does not extend to within the family structure – that’s down to individual’s freedom of choice.

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