Won’t Someone Invent a better device?

I have been a diabetic for 12 years and I am finding that the diabetic devices are falling very short of what I need and suspect that others need to most easily management their diabetes with the least effort for the maximum gain.

I have been considering what type of device that I would be able to get the most of out and think that something along these lines would meet the specs – it’s really combining three existing devices into one for a health focus – diabetes as a primary purposes, but also blood pressure, cholesterol – total health management in a single easy to use device.

In the future, this could interacted with health case software and eliminate the need for the various services for travels that exist now, by having health records and history literally on the waist of the patient – it could also be connect to a user’s insulin pump for real time data capture.

I think that a new devices is needed that combines the blood testing capacity with a pedometer and a PDA with internet for cloud computing to ensure the widest available data with respect to medications, food, exercise and personal health information.

OTDM – One Touch Diabetic Management

Device includes:

  • Pedometer
  • Blood testing with test strip single or disc option
  • PDA with cloud computing and integrated software with touch screen:

The lancet is also the touch screen pen

  • Only an on/off button – everything else is on the interaction screens
  • Software automatically pulls in the pedometer data
  • Cloud databases include food calorie/carb counters, exercise/calorie burning charts, medication data
  • Time scheduling software – with alarm for medication time

Calender software allows you to track when and what you ate, when and what exercise you did and when medications were taken

Health monitor software pulls in the pedometer and calendar software data about eating, exercise and medications to identify daily, weekly, monthly and longer trends – and allows tracking of blood sugar, blood pressure, and allows the use to enter customizes information about physical, mental and emotional systems to help identify health trends by trend analysis to identify the relationship between actions (ie the amount or lack of exercise with the food intake to blood sugar spikes or dips, blood pressure fluctuations, headaches, feels of despair or physical exhaustion, etc)

Each software screen should be colourful and easy to use with minimal fuss so that each person gets the maximum value for minimal effort – what more attractive quality is needed in a hybrid multidevice?

8 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Invent a better device?

  1. Hope you can get it patented. I know a friend with diabetes and she suspects these companies make more money treating the problem a little less efficiently than curing it. I hope that isn’t the case.

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