Throwing Herod over the wall

A recent find of coins is the first physical evidence that the Jerusalem Western Wall was not – at the very least – completed by King Herod as the coins were minted 20 years after his death.

King Herod was a real person and a hated king, despite that it was his alliance with Rome that kept his kingdom intact.

The bible stories would tell that Herod had ordered the death of babies as an overkill to rid the world of Jesus – but reality puts paid to that claim which only appears in the Mathew bible story – as Herod died 4 years before the alleged birth of Christ.

The propaganda that exists today that was anti-Herod does not pick up the biblical claim, but focus on what a blood thirsty tyrant he was – his actual deeds writ larger than reality, but reality nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Throwing Herod over the wall

  1. Have you read the revised account of the life of Christ by Robert Graves? Might interest you. the title escapes me now. I still have it on the shelves somewhere and can find out if you want.

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