The Individual as the Social Unit of Consequence

America was founded on the idea that the Individuals were the social unit of consequence, and as such, each citizen was and is entitled to equal access and treatment under the law – and in society.

The Freedom to enjoy liberties with whatever makes you happy.

The battle for dominance has been the religious righteous trying to freeze the status quo so that they have people to look down on, to use as bogeymen to control their children, so they can have their freedom at the expense of everyone else – which, after all, what’s heaven for if just anyone or everyone can get in?

The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance – it wasn’t enough for the American founders to write down the ideas that form the basis of the society, society has to actively act upon those words, to live them as a daily life, applied to everyone. To vigilantly fulfill the promise of the founders; which religion has fought that vision every step, every woman, every ethnic, religious and sexual minority, of the way to every individual as a perk of citizenship being able to have the freedom to enjoy liberties and happiness.

4 thoughts on “The Individual as the Social Unit of Consequence

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  2. I smiled at, ‘what’s heaven for…’ I’m still wondering about that 🙂 Never sounded like much fun to me, making mistakes and getting your heart revved up now and again are good things. I’d die of boredom in a Christian heaven…if I wasn’t already dead…

    • From my encounters with believers on line, the only thing that they look forward to in heaven is looking down on those in hell.

      I guess just about anything would be heavenly compared to that.

      So again, I can’t fault Lucifer, as Milton pointed out – better to reign in hell than serve in heaven – at least in hell, you’re still your own person

      and personhood is the cost of being a believer

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