The Lesbian “Practically Republican” Housewife

I used to be very active in my community. The Gay-Lesbian community in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I used to be the news editor of Vancouver’s original gay newspaper. I wrote news, arts, community and took photos along with a collective of people.

I’ve worked retail and wholesale, public and private and the non-profit sectors while writing novels, screenplays, short films and stories. Not successfully selling any, but I produced one short film and I completed over 12 feature scripts and completing something means something.

Most people who say they are writers, never actually write anything. Never mind submit their work to potential buyers. And I did, I submitted my heart out so much that I had nothing left for follow through. So, I failed and got a grown up job and now I am a stay at home housewife.

When I realized that there is something that I can do for gay and lesbian rights, right in the comfort of my own home.

Be a good example.

But of what? What could I, a stay at home Canadian lesbian do?

Be an example of an ideal Republican Housewife.

And I am, and so I will be.

The Lesbian “Practically Republican” Housewife

I wake up with The Spouse each morning and after the morning routine, I drive The Spouse  to a transit station. We kiss good bye and The Spouse goes to work and I go home.

I do housework and I prepare meals. Most nights, I put dinner in the oven and then drive to the transit station to pick The Spouse up and we both come home to a finished cooking dinner. Or I prepare the meal that was a quick preparation and we have dinner.

I look after The Kids. But in our case, the kids are a 16 year old cat and two 7 year old golden retrievers.

Don’t laugh, mine won’t crash my car or quit college on me.

5 thoughts on “The Lesbian “Practically Republican” Housewife

  1. I have to say that there is something warm and right feeling about being at home and making that a comfortable retreat from the world for The Spouse.

    Care taking another, being in service to another’s comfort without your own will getting in the way.

    it’s intoxicating – and likely only fun because it’s something I am choosing, not having imposed upon me by accident of birth gender

    • Well, it works as a one-off gag

      With the other blogs and my new writing projects, I just didn’t have the energy to put more thought into that blog idea.

      It’s like when I was still gaming – my role playing characters never outlived their concepts and when they were played out, I retired them or let them die rather than continuing with them.

      I never really understood people who got upset when their Dungeons and Dragons characters died during adventures – after all, whether they can survive given their strengths and weaknesses. I was never a min-maxer, I preferred unbalanced characters who had a big strength and a role playing weakness that was reflected in their character stats.

      For example, my group was playing Deadlands – a role playing game that was X Files meets Cowboys and Indians.

      My character had a exceptional high skill with rifle shooting and no other skills, coupled with the delusion to be the next Annie Oakley – she just wasn’t cut out for adventuring and after a few bad experiences for her, she retired to write western dime novels that would crop up in later adventures with the gaming group.

      In Dungeons and Dragons, I had an alcoholic dwarf with a high constitution, so he drank anything in a bottle that the party came across – and he ended up being an 18 foot tall dwarf when, much to the party’s dismay, he drank a wish potion that they needed to complete a quest and wished he was bigger to be more effective as a fighter.

      It’s funny when the characters drive the plot twists.

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