Vampire Love

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I think the problem with the Twilight story is two fold.

1. It’s a lazy rip off of the TV show Roswell, turning the aliens into vampires

2. the message that women find the truest passion by falling for a killer/predator because her love can tame him – is harmful to women – there are good guys who there who are not fixer uppers, who already know how to not kill or maim or harm people – it taps into whatever it is that makes so many women fall for prisoners who are in for murder and rapes and gives the woman the illusion of control

So the Twilight girl’s choice is between a man-beast or an undead man;both of whom are dangerous, even though the man-beast is castrated and the undead one has to excerise extreme self control or kill the girl he loves – which the Canadian vampire show Nick Knight played on very effectively.

It might not be the message intended, but it goes right back to the gothic story telling traditions:

  • young girl comes to a manor as the nanny or housekeeper
  • symbolically and figuratively, opens the house to air/sunlight and uncovers deep family secrets
  • and they end with the manor being consumed by fire
  • and the girl escaping with the tormented man, now free from whatever the secret was and free of his formerly binding family obligations

In real life, women have more choices than beasts and predators; but that’s all that these movies contemplate.

Even Buffy got a nice middle class boyfriend from the mid-west in between vampire boyfriends.