Christianity vs America

What good is the pursuit of happiness if you can’t die when life stops being happy and has limited to no prospect of being happy again?

What good is liberty if you do not have the option to control your own death if you see the need to?

Liberty and freedom means being able to make choices about your life – particularly when it’s about what makes you individually happy?

Because that guarantee of happiness was to follow whatever path you choose and not have it dictated to you by government or religion.

Because religion doesn’t make people happy – it makes them rich, it makes them influential and it can make them in charge of large numbers of people – but it does not make you happy because it demands being a Stepford Believer and not have freedom to take liberties with anything that makes you happy.

Christianity is really anti-American – no matter how much the puritanical descendants claim American for their own – America was not founded for or based in this or any particular religion. America was founded so that people could be genuinely free from everything they had known before.

To be in charge of their own destiny.

2 thoughts on “Christianity vs America

  1. I saw a cousin of mine post about how awful it is that they “can’t say Merry Christmas” anymore, and that it has been called Christmas for 2,000 years, and how proud American need to stop worrying about offending other countries (yes, countries) and keep Christ in Christmas – and that Atheists call it Christmas, too. There were so many offensive things to ME in that copy-paste post I wanted to scream. We can start with America not being anywhere near 2,000 years old…in fact, I remember it turning 200. Maybe a bit off topic, but I couldn’t say anything to her, she wouldn’t even understand my arguments. This whacky mindset just boggles my mind, especially in a relative. I’m ever so glad I was born of one brother over another, in any case.

    • Yes, the annual war on christmas cries – no one is being prevented from celebrating how they would like to celebrate

      what’s being asked is that christian open their hearts and understand that every culture has a holiday tradition in winter, and the christian traditions arise from the same celebrations as everyone else’s

      There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the season in a way that allows everyone to participate who wants to and doesn’t require those who don’t care to, to do anything but avoid the malls. Something that’s a good idea most times of the year.

      We celebrate getting through another year, mostly intact and definitely needing a midwinter party to celebrate life in all it’s diversity.

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