Curious Compassion

I think there’s a world of difference between what we would will and what we have been conditioned by our cultures, education and time period to will.

When you approach emptying yourself of will and find your way to be in the world, to be of the world, you tap into that universal will, stripped of cultural artifice.

If you can engage people to play with you, you bring about your will in the world in unexpected ways.

My philosophy of living is Curious Compassion; approaching each new person and situation with curiosity based in Viking fearless, compassion based in Ukrainian endurance within a Canadian peacekeeping sensibility of interaction with people, to understand them as they understand themselves and to be what they don’t yet realize that they need.

To distill the most ideal of human thoughts into a simple philosophy that can fit on a bumper sticker – Curious Compassion: Working and Playing Well as Differing Equals.

Which leads to my artistic vision statement – and I’m a little excited, since I’ve never had one before:

I am Curious Compassion with the fierce fearlessness of Vikings and the patient endurance of Ukrainians within a Canadian Peacekeeping sensibility framework.

To bring curious compassion to public dialog and to show our commonalities with humour, across what divides us – those grounds that secular democracies prohibit discrimination in law but take far longer and deeper changes to bring about non-discrimination and equality in fact.

To demonstrate that there’s a place for everyone in the world, regardless of what they believe – since what we believe is what we make of the universe – and as a consequence, what we make of ourselves.

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