Federation Rules

Gene Roddenberry gave us a bright and shiny future to achieve – a time when monetary concerns were no more, when everyone was assured the basics of life – food, shelter and a meaningful purpose.

When everyone could live to their potential, find their bliss – live on a star ship exploring or living as our ancestors did, by our manual toils, technologically assisted or not or by degrees – whatever we’d choose for ourselves.

It’s why I am an atheist, a science fiction geek, a writer and a dreamer.

The future could be anything we make of it.

While religion, religions looks to a past, to unpleasant times when slavery was the norm and women were chattel and children only as useful as the labour you could squeeze out of them.

It doesn’t matter what apologists say – oh that was then, old testament, look, shiny new testament – not a tribal god, but a santa god, who gave his only son begotten by procuring a virgin vessel. Because you know, blood sacrifice, that’s better.

Not for the women though, somehow sacrifice clears everyone but the women for original sin. Gaining that knowledge of good and evil that made god unneccessary.

So the sacrifice and all the weekly meetings, dues, offering up of your children as sex toys or as priests and nuns….hmmm or as both? How far back does the systemic abuse of children go? All the way back, I’d say.

Don’t look to the past for answers on how to be – the past didn’t hold answers then and old bad answers don’t make for good answers now.

Curious Compassion – the way forward – being curious about other cultures, historic, current and emerging. Having compassion for anyone in a lesser than you state, giving a hand, lending an ear.

Forgiving yourself, forgiving others, not holding you or anyone to impossible standards and punishing for failure.

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